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flotzilla 2009-01-08 11:44

The next Combi
I think (if there is one) that a Combi update should have some upgraded functionality with the CV ins and the Knobs.

1. Be able to decouple the CV ins from the Knobs. What I mean is, have a switch on the Combi (front or back is OK with me) that either routes the CV in signal to the Knob (as it is now) or interupt the signal and send it directly to the routing matrix. This would of course mean that CV1-4 would have to be added as source options in the Combi's routing matrix programmer. This way you can have 4 CV ins *and* 4 Knobs controlling different paramters.

2. Be able to use the Combi's Knob as an amplitude control for incoming CV signals. Maybe a multifunction switch in conjunction with #1.

3. Expandable face plate so that knob and button strips can be added to get more control surfaces. They could also make it where there are a fixed number of 'slots' and you can put in which ever type of control strip you wanted. I think four slots would be good. Then you can have 16 knobs and no buttons, 8 knobs and 8 buttons or 4 knobs and 12 buttons etc...Now that I think about it, maybe they should also have one strip that is a combo of two knobs and two buttons.

4. CV outs. I think the Combi could be a fantastic LFO/CV manipulator (along with the CV mixer I'll be typing up here in a few minutes).

5. Discrete mode for the knobs. This would require a range setting (probably on the back) that would set the total number of 'detents/positions' on each knob. So if you wanted to use a knob to select Redrum patterns, you could set the range to '7' on Knob 1. Then as you trun Knob 1 it 'clicks' from poistion to position (0-6).

6. Trigger pads! Yes, I want a row(rows) of trigger pads on my Combi. They could be an option to the Button and Knob strips in #3. These would be awesome for triggering envelopes on the fly! And think of the mayhem with a Mal and a couple pads triggering its ModA&B in 1-shot mode. So how kick-butt would a Combi be that had 6 knobs, 6 buttons, and 4 pads? (From #3 : a 4 knob strip, a 4 button strip, a 2 knob + 2 button strip, and a 4 pad strip).

tommosler 2009-01-08 12:15


Also a Pattern buttons like in Matrix and Redrum or the knob like in #5 (Discrete mode) + some kind of indicator/led, representing pattern number.

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