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propsiman 2009-01-10 15:58

NN19 Osc for Thor
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NN-19 Osc:
heres my recommendation for a new Thor-Osc. Its called NN-19 Osc because it loads sample and mapping-data from a NN19 Patch. In this new Osc you can load the sample-data out of a NN19 Sampler Patch file (smp). Only the raw samples and mapping-data loads in this Osc, all other data (envelopes, filter,lfo..) are ignored. With Channel button you have to decide how the sample/multisample play in this Osc: only the left channel, only the right channel or a mixed Monosignal. The samplestart knob stands for itself. All other knobs are same as other Osc in Thor.
With this Osc you can do much more than with the audio-inputs only from Thor. Because the Osc is very similar like the other Osc in Thor from his buildup, its maybe easy for probs to create this or ?
A little example: you put two of this Osc in Thor, load in both the data out of the same NN19 Patch and chose in one Osc LeftCh, in the other RightCh. Now you route Osc1 to Filter1 and Osc2 to Filter2 (parallel), or both Osc first to Filter1 and then to Filter 2 (Serial). There are many possibilities. Filters and Env played now for each voice, so its much better than use the audio inputs and have much more possibilities.
Hope you like the new Osc :).

dioxide 2009-01-10 16:31

Yeah! This and a Graintable Osc!

Hyperbear1 2009-01-10 23:39

That´s a good idea. This feature makes it easier to include your personal samples with the features of the Thor-Synth. I hope the Reason guys will make it happen!! I keep my fingers crossed!!

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