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2009-02-17 04:30

16 channel polyphonic CV/GATE output, sampling, audiotracks and visualization
Hello everyone! From my experience with Reason I have summarized the features I'd most like to see in a new release (those might be already covered but I'd list them anyways):

1. Real-time programmable sampling.

Imagine the NN-XT with a "Sample stereo input" and "Sample CV" and "Sample Trigger". The stereo input is hooked to the desired source. Sample Trigger controls when the sampling occurs (if positive), and with what volume. Sample CV selects the internal sample number where the input is stored. The rest of the module works with exactly the same functionality as before. Of course this can also be implemented as a dedicated module. This functionality will facilitate some very cool digital looping effects and will help live performances.

2. Polyphonic CV/GATE output

Imagine a simple module, which takes an incoming polyphonic MIDI stream and separates it into its monophonic components. On the back of the device there are 16 CV/GATE pairs. The number of voices can be selectable (mono, 4, 8, and 16 for example), and the voice allocation algorithm can also be selectable (round robin, random, oldest triggered). This IMO can provide immense benefits to simulating realistic analogue instruments with drifting tonal characteristics and even some weird combinations of completely different voices in the style of the Oberheim 4-8 voice vintage synths. Such a module can also be used to straightforwardly trigger the Redrum.

3. Signal visualization

Imagine a unit which takes a stereo input and displays a pair of oscilloscopes to track potential signal overdrive and shape, as well as a pair of spectrometers (just for fun). This can be useful and can make the program more exciting to look at. Another very useful feature will be oscilloscopes and numeric values for control voltages (on the same or on a different unit).

4. Global tuning capabilities.

Imagine the hardware device having a CV input for a -12 semitone to +12 semitone global tuning (of all devices). This can be very useful for performances requiring non-programed transpositions of otherwise programmed device lanes.

5. Redrum mid-sample enhancements

Imagine Redrum playing samples triggered earlier, if the cursor taken right after they are triggered. This will be especially useful when using long samples, such as external recordings of guitar, singing etc. Basically Redrum needs to start playing the sample not from the beginning, but from the right offset when the user skips.

I'd like to hear what any of you think about those suggestions, and thanks for considering them.


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