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particlejunkie 2009-02-20 11:56

Mixing makes me CRAZY!!!
Wutup ma homies! Be warned, slightly drunken babble to follow...

After a disappointing showing in my friend's DJ set, where "One Day in June" fell flat between the songs before and after it- in terms of mixing potency, I have given this mix another go. And I realized since my last album, I haven't done any serious mixing in maybe a year! Good thing too, cause it makes me f'n NUTS! Doesn't help that I have all the source material, so when mixing I feel compelled to fix the turd that can't be polished. Complicates things just a little. If you think you have an ear I would love to hear your opinion.

Everything from Reason except the guitar (Logic+Guitar Rig 3 ( :D !!!), then Recycled and tweaked substantially in Reason), and the bulk of the Kick came from Logic's UltraBeat synths, tweaked again in Reason. Mixed/Mastered in Reason, using Daft Punk's "Something About You" as an example, tho I think I went a bit boomier with the bass. That's what I'm most concerned with. BTW, that track (DP's) is suprisingly unsquashed. I wouldn't be surprised if the whole album (Discovery) is equally well mastered, tho I haven't extracted it all yet.

Bass was originally Thor, now is supplied by Subtractor (went there after being reminded by y'all that Subtractor was still there ;) ) with a slight case of Unison and prolly some compression or something. Nice growl when it hits the sub-bass in the latter half methinks. Combined Subtractor's 2 osc's, each with a phase value of maybe 14-ish (slightly out of phase with eachother by 2 pts iirc). Both saws, first osc had "-" negative phase (for the growl), second osc normal phase to add smoothness "o". Oh yeah, and lowpassed (duh), but suprisingly also highpassed by the first filter at the lowest frequency, both filters with a tad resonance. Weird huh? Bass and Kicks seriously tweaked by many many many many EQ's. Notches everywhere. Was hoping to upload the rps, but was unable to get it below the 5mb limit this site requires. :\

By the way if you haven't heard of soundcloud it's pretty cool (tho it comes with some extremely crappy limitations for free accounts). You can see the waveforms, people can comment at specific points in the track, and you can upload and share files of any size, so they say. I wouldn't know, cause I only upload 128kbps mp3s for you bootleggin bastards! ;)

Oh also, delled, and anyone else who thought "How Come You're So Electro?" was a bit too complicated, I have made the *tiniest* little edit and would be very interested to know if that cleans it up at all for you. It's also on the soundcloud site. And Kibeja, I boosted the guitar for the moment I thought you were talking about. Seemed like a good idea, if I interpreted you correctly.

WOW blah blah blah I told you mixing makes me CRAZY!!!

VisionMoon 2009-02-20 17:53

Hey Mr Particle! Mr Moonster here....Just given "One Day in June" a couple of run throughs and I think you have a good arrangement, good sounds and its nicely mixed. The drums sounded good BUT! ........they didn't jump out of my monitors and kick my ass around the studio.......And I feel with a track like this, when the drums come in proper they should push the music to the next level.

Hope you understand what i'm trying to say.....i'm not having a dig!...but I feel as the track stands, the drums just aren't driving the track enough and need to come to the forefront of the mix some how!

Lateshopper 2009-02-20 19:42

Wow! Grrrrrrowl yeh nice sub bass. What an awesome track. I am a big fan, so you can do no wrong. Loved following the bass line through the track. It's my fav bit adding a bass line. Especially like after 3.45 I was boogyin (even arms in the air)

Great track,

KIBEJA 2009-02-20 20:40

Oh Yeah - I know exactly what you mean and mastering isn't any easier!!!

I remember this song (One Day in June) from a ways back - I liked it then and I like it now. I particularly like the bull frog entrance at around :27. I gotta say I like the whole tune but you were asking for thoughts (particularly since you thought this flopped). I feel that that the tune loses energy around 1:51 through the bass line until the Kick comes back with gumption. From there on out it stays focused. I think that that area at 1:51-2:19 or so, needs to have some additional driving percussion. Maybe stay away from the set/kick sound, since it comes back again later and focus on adding some metal and hand drum sounds until it all kicks in again. Just a thought from a novice to a Pro. From there on out - loving it!! Great work.

"How Come You're So Electro" is indeed a winner. This tune has some real appeal. My Fam. loves it!
By the way, is that you on the Larynx? However, If you want some feed back, I believe that your solo section needs some editing - it's a bit to lengthy for the general radio audience. Mind you this doesn't mean that I don't like it, 'cause I do!! I'm just trying to think like a producer. You do know why producers always wear turtle necks - it's to hide their foreskin 'cause they're all pricks.LOL

All the Best,


particlejunkie 2009-02-20 20:53

Word up y'all! Thanx yazzy! Yeah when that 2nd bassline dropped in the club I got a couple hoots! woo!

Allo Mr. Moon! No dig perceived, this is exactly the kind of feedback I was looking for. Just curious, did you think the kicks were too weak? I spent much effort seating them and the bassline together so they don't fart out in my car. I think the snare might use some more lower midrange to add punch, but aside from that I'm hoping following your advice would just be a case of bringing the drums levels up slightly. EQ'ing has me at my wits end! I'll look into it either way, thanx again for the feedback!

particlejunkie 2009-02-20 21:19

Thanx Kibeja! Yeah mastering makes me crazy too. I try not to be a turd polisher in that phase either, so whenever there are problems I go back to fix it in the mix, which induces further nuttiness!

Pertaining to your One Day comments, I was more focused on the mix, but thanx for reminding me, I still intend to tighten up that section you mention, cause it definitely drops way off the dance floor vibe. Not sure if I want to add more drums, cause they'll probably pop out at me as out of place if I don't sprinkle them thru the rest of the song. I was thinking of just cutting out the 2nd half of that section. So there will be a brief rest, then get back to the thump a lot quicker. I'll give it a shot.

As for Electro, ya that's me on the mic. eeemmmm peeee threeeeee lol that part was tough cause I ain't no American Idol. I agree that the solo section still needs work, tho I like it too much to shorten it- I'm thinking maybe another instrument in the back. I was more concerned with cleaning up the clutter for now. No doubt I'll hit y'all up again when I've fixed up the solo passage.

KIBEJA 2009-02-20 21:48


I dig your chords man!! The vocal really hits home in Electro. I dig the solo section too! To me, you can never have enough when it comes to that, which of course leads me to way to much. C'est le vie!

I thought that your mix was spot on in "One Day...". Perhaps an Eq Filter thingy in that section I mentioned. Instead of adding more drums.

As always I enjoy hearing your tunes.


Epitetus 2009-02-20 22:33

Squelchy Bass
Your songs are distinctive and have an unusual style and sound well mixed and mastered. Your latest tune 'One Day in June' has some great elements that build up and up until the squelchy bass in the last section of your song.

Personally I think your mix is pretty good.

This song played on my speakers sounds great and their is no clipping etc and everything seems eq'd etc.

Personally if I were to post a comment regarding the structure of the song it would be as follows.

The only improvement for me would be for the squelchy bassy point in the last section to be a more complex bass sound or for it to build up with maybe a bit of pitch bend etc. Like Hed Kandi or Bazement Jaxx.

Overall Great

VisionMoon 2009-02-21 02:46

I think what i'm trying to say is, overall it is an excellent mix, and I can hear you have taken a lot of time making the instruments seat well together,which in turn gives you a nice safe mix, if this track was pop/ballad/blues etc it would be a faultless mix. individually the instruments sound fine,the kicks sound great,maybe the snare could do with some more punch. I feel that for your music, you don't want a safe want something that takes a few risks and does not sit in the mix nicely, something that's gonna give this track energy.

And personally I feel its gotta come from the drums when everything comes in,after the kick on its own.....mmmm maybe have a little listen to some Liam Howlett drum mixes, this might demonstrate what i'm trying to say, I just feel the drums need some more energy/punch/drive to move the whole track up to the next gear........Mr Moon.

particlejunkie 2009-02-21 04:00

Thanks KB and Epititus! Not sure if I want to muss with the bass sound much more. It's the same bass as in the beginning of the song, so I think it's working pretty well where it's sitting, cause in the first half it's kinda smooth and mellow, and in the second half it picks up a growl that I like, due to playing some lower notes, I believe. Was quite a balancing act getting it there. But I dig the Bassment Jaxx or however you spell it, maybe I'll play around with that sorta bass in future tracks.

Interesting food for thought Mr Moon. I do tend to shoot for a safe mix, haven't thought of intentionally pushing away from it. I always want to get a good tight low-end, and my overly sensitive, tinnitus infected right ear keeps me from pushing the treble, or I simply can't listen to my own tunes! But I'll see if I can't boost up the beat. Treat your ears right kiddos.

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