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2009-02-26 10:18

How to Make Web Videos like Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube?
How to Make Web Videos like Video News on Yahoo, MSN and YouTube?

Complete Guide – Step by Step - Publish video and player to your website, blog or forum and more


Video news has now become a necessary part on news websites due to its visual representation of information to people. Below are two screenshots of video news from MSN and Yahoo. From the screenshots, we may find that they contain two main parts: video and player. We may also find that the interface is simple but less functional. It is easy to navigate.

Now, what we will discuss right here is: How to easily make video news like these or even better and more functional ones?

MSN video news

Yahoo video news


First Step: Download and Install Socusoft Web Video Player

Second Step: Check Video Format -- Convert Video into FLV

Third Step: Add Videos to Player

Fourth Step: Choose Themes for Player

Fifth Step: Advertising Function (For registered users) -- Add advertisement and link to video and player

1) The format of the ad image can be jpeg, gif, jpg, png and swf
2) Choose advertising templates
3) Add image to player
4) Add link to video

Sixth Step: Publish Video and Player on Your Computer

Last Step: Upload Files – Publish Video to Your Website or Blog

1) Publish video to your website
2) Add web video to your blog or forum and more


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