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oddson 2009-04-05 19:38

Re-establishing a lost controller connection
I have an M-Audio O2 controller with a spotty USB out connection... it gets dropped with alarming regularity not just by Reason but by pretty much any app although Reason seems to be particularly sensitive to a very brief interruption in the connection that other software is able to get past.

But my real problem is there does not seem to be a way to get the software to re-establish the connection after it's lost without restarting the application.

I've tried the preferences "Keyboards and Controllers" section but I've not figured out how to tell it to try to re-establish the connection.

Ultimately I'll be getting a better controller but until then can anyone point me to a workaround that lets me fix the connection with restarting the application.

Rucafest 2009-04-06 11:51

It may be that your USB ports cant handle both the data and power supply (USB 1).
Try to get a power supply for the Midi, this way the USB will only transfer data and not power to the unit also.
I have also had a similar problem with a CME UF5 and using the power supply fixed the issue for me. Otherwise check for updated drivers, you know the usual.
Also if you are in Win XP, it may be that the specific USB port may have some problem with other devices, try to use another USB Port also. actually in the Bios Setup you can look this up, to see if any port are causing conflicts or such.

jgirv 2009-04-06 13:29

...good ideas... you can also try to manually edit the preferences page, instead of re-starting Reason. sometimes the automatic scanning doesn't work in a case like yours.

It may also be possible that Windows has reassigned the USB port (so that what was USB Audio Controller is now USB Audio Controller (1) or even USB Audio Controller [1])...

I have an 02 as well, and it seems to work well. another thought, is your USB connection

weak at the computer itself? you could try a different port. best, jgirv

oddson 2009-04-10 19:36

Thanks guys...

@Rucafest - you're not the first to suggest powersupply as an issue... as for USB ports, cables, drivers etc... I've tried it all.

@jgirv - the preference page is where I was expecting to find a feature that told the software to attempt to reconnect to a lost controller -- although why it doesn't just scan for controllers when you go to the page is puzzling to me...

I personally think the physical connector on the controller is poorly designed -- for one, none of the USB cables I've tried are able to seat into it well because it's too shallow. I may give the power supply thing a try if I can find a compatible adaptor lying about... but if I have to go shopping I may just pick up another controller. I like M-Audio stuff but I'm very disappointed in this product..

It's only a Reason issue in that the software does not deal with the issue as well as other MIDI enabled programs I own and use.

Devs! - something to consider for future versions?

EDIT - I tried the 'Edit' button but nothing short of a restart of the application will restore the connection.

oddson 2009-04-10 19:54

Can anyone tell me if you turn off a controller and then back on again... does Reason reload it automatically?

jgirv 2009-04-11 05:44

... i would say not... it's going to be recognized by the same USB port it just left.

USB port oddities are almost always a operating system issue, not something that Reason can solve on it's own.

A few months back I was having problems with re-scanning and having Reason lock-up. It's been right as rain ever since, so, who knows what the problem was...

Select the controller on the pref. page and manually edit to change the USB port to the one it is now connected to.

oddson 2009-04-11 19:11


Originally Posted by jgirv (Post 615674)
...USB port oddities are almost always a operating system issue, not something that Reason can solve on it's own...

I'm not sure this is completely true. The source of my connection problem is physical, I'm sure of it based on the fact that I have to cram something against the cable to get it to stay in contact.

But when the connection is dropped different programs respond differently and Reason is the most temperamental of the ones I use and is the only one that restarting the program is the only solution.

Yesterday discovered that if I power-down the keyboard and then power up with the Pref page open it will allow the software to see the keyboard again and look like it's reestablished communications but it still doesn't function (MIDI is not received). It may be this controller has other issues but it still the case that other software deals with them better than Reason does.

Can anyone answer this specific question: if you turn off your controller and then back on again... does Reason reload it automatically without going into preferences?

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