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MyztikGecko 2009-04-09 22:43

A little assistance
I am not sure if this is the right forum for this or not. But, I am attempting to do a track and am using ideas from tab sheets from various artists. My problem is that on many of the tabs I am seeing notation for items such as "palm mute".

How do I go about in Reason and set those types of notes up? Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I want to use either the Subtractor, Thor or Dr Rex to input the notes.

fgitler 2009-04-10 00:09

Dr Rex may not be what you are looking for, as it gives you a set of sounds, usually a loop, in which you don't always have the option of different pitches. An nn19 or nnXT would be a better way to go, as you can load them with pitched sample sets of an instrument. as far as the tabs go--sorry no idea

MyztikGecko 2009-04-10 00:33

Thank you.

I have used the NN19 and NN-XT in previous works and love the functionality in them. I may have to have someone play the chords for me so I know the sound that I need to be looking for. It may be as simple as treating it as a "flat" instead of an open or "sharp".

Ogggy 2009-04-11 09:47

A palm mute is a sound created by muting the string by either hand either while picking or immediately after but some of the note will still ring through but mainly you get a plucking sound. Sometimes it will also create a harmonic that can be as loud as plucking the open string. There are a lot of different not so easy to learn effects that can be created by this - think ZZ Top, Eddie Van Halen. In samplers this is really not possible unless the samples have been supplied for such a sound, and then they will only be for the more often used sounds. They are usually at the unused limits of the scale like at the top. It would be impossible for them to include every posssible sound. Many sample packs do include some of these sounds, and some riffles and tweaks and slide sounds.

You can try to emulate this by getting deep inside the guts and automating notes and applying harsh filtering and muting through available amps in the synth chain. It sounds difficult but it can really be pretty easy and sound great. I made a song that used the Malstrom playing a gyitar like part where I tried to create mutes and slides and squeeks by automation on the Mal's filter and amp envelopes. Jeez I haven't been there in like forever but if I know the Props that music page is still up and it's called Playing In The Cave or The Mule - search under Oggy. You can download the .rps and see examples of how this muting and other effects can be done in the latter parts of the song. Think about it and try stuff out, and you could see you could apply it to other synths like the samplers, though not quite as directly. I don't think I did it in that but the Mal is particularly powerful in this respect in that you can do fine automation on the Index, Motion, and Shift, too. Dang, now you got me thunkin, I'm gonna go try some of that! Thx and peace out! Off to go worship her again...

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