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Koshdukai 2009-05-18 15:25

Record technology features in Reason 5
I hope that Reason 5 also supports multi-column rack, non-fixed window width and the dynamic zoom "mini-map" of the rack, when it comes out.

I also hope that the new time-stretch technology implemented in Record as a global seamless feature finds its way into Reason 5, as a new feature of NN19 and/or NN-XT or even as a new Thor-equivalent SuperSampler (with internal sampling automation for in-rack audio manipulation).

This would finally take care of the non-REX audio fixed-time pitch-shifting as well as the fixed-pitch time-stretching sample playing and manipulation :)

Record can be seen as the "audio in/recording" upgrade to Reason.

In this line of thought, I hope something as simple as Record will also come in the future to take care of the other issues: MIDI-OUT and VST and also act as an upgrade to Record+Reason giving users the choice of what features they want in a "reason-like" framework.

If Record can use Reason as a device library, when present, this other 3rd product would implement a more open rack, capable of dealing with Reason/Record devices as well as external plug-ins like VST/Rewire.
The sequencer part would also support audio when in presence of Record installed.

If no Record nor Reason were present, then it would simply be a Reason-like rack supporting Combinator-like VST/Rewire wrappers with Live Audio IN/OUT and MIDI IN/OUT

This would bring the simplicity of Record to people only needing a VST rack with a Reason-like sequencer for MIDI-OUT, without the complexity of a full DAW.

I agree with the usual pro-Reason closed-solution argument that it would be impossible to have such a complex rack configuration, with so many device instances in a solution that would use VSTs. But, the truth is that, an hybrid solution already is used today through out the world of music production, using a full DAW with Rewired Reason. So... people that use this, already have to deal with CPU/RAM resources when using VST's together with the well behaved Rewired Reason-rack., this only shows that there's still a niche problem in need of a niche (and clever?) solution. Thus, suggesting this 3rd Record-like future app to take care of the other 2 traditional issues against Reason, since Audio-in/recording is now down for good :)

And speaking of the future, as Record 1.0 gave MIDI-like tempo-freedom to audio and acoustic musicians, I really hope Propellerhead Software keeps wearing their high-tech innovation hat and bring MIDI-like pitch-manipulation to audio in Record 2.0 :)

(*cof*Melodyne*cof*) ;)

Koshdukai 2009-11-10 14:26

Just one minor little wish, to both Reason 5 and Record 2.0 or hopefully 1.0.1:

The ability to make the rack window as narrow as possible when the "Navigators" are off (the zoomed-out map section of the windows)

phasys 2009-11-10 17:17

I would like it a lot better if the Propellerhead crew came up with something way more innovative than Melodyne, VST support, or Midi out.

sijarvis 2009-11-10 20:42

I love feature suggestions.

Originally Posted by phasys (Post 670223)
I would like it a lot better if the Propellerhead crew came up with something way more innovative than Melodyne, VST support, or Midi out.

Celemony are an incredibly creative team, who are on the cusp of a major audio coding breakthrough with Melodyne DNA. The Props are also a pretty creative bunch, though I don't see how they can come up with something "way more innovative" than that. They can equal it perhaps, take a slightly different approach perhaps but there's not a lot else that can be done, except maybe pick out individual voices from a choir or some such thing.

VST support will likely never happen in Reason so we can agree on that but I don't understand what you have against Midi out. It's a technology that's been around for the best part of 30 years (3 X longer than the Props's lifespan) and is used by tens of millions of instruments, so as far as feature suggestions go, I think it's quite credible and hopefully something the Props will take on in the near future.

So, in the end, it doesn't matter if you "like it a lot better" for them not to incorporate it in their product. It's a feature that many people would love to see as it's how their external equipment speaks to the outside world.

Koshdukai 2009-11-23 13:57


Originally Posted by phasys (Post 670223)
I would like it a lot better if the Propellerhead crew came up with something way more innovative than Melodyne, VST support, or Midi out.

1) More innovative than Melodyne DNA in the Audio sample manipulation ? hmmm... well, only if PropellerheadSW made a tool to distinguish instruments besides the polyphonic pitch-tracking that Melodyne DNA already does. I would be happy (aka amazed) if at least they could come up with something as innovative as Melodyne DNA currently is, let alone surpass it.

2) More innovative than VST3 ? I agree :) I'm all for innovation that shortens the gap between the user (musician in this case) idea and the end result.

3) More innovative than MIDI Out ? hmmm... well, again, I agree, but... shouldn't they at least provide some sort of "bridge" with the legacy music technology that people keep stubbornly using and spending money on, like recent hardware synths and all those MIDI controllable hardware (and virtual!!!) devices ?

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