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2009-07-08 04:50

question about mixing tracks
I really want to play sets in clubs someday and I was looking for something to practice playing sets on. I want to use a laptop to store all of my music. I want to get a hardware mixer to do the crossfading of songs on instead of using software to do the crossfading. So, could I just use a hardware mixer and a laptop to practice playing sets or would I need additional things?
Thanks for any suggestions,

facher83 2009-07-11 22:43

Umm... sure, go ahead?

I just doubt you'll get much response on a -software- forum about nearly unrelated topics. I mean, if you plan on using a Laptop, you'll be using software at some point any way... or, how do you plan on switching tracks? Store them on a hardware device?

Anyway. Not sure this forum is the most effective response for this question.

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