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origami 2009-07-19 21:07

Redrum Sequencer Enhancements (small ideas, big post)
Don't mind me, just dreaming up things as I go, I think the step sequencer in the Redrum device is very fun to work with but it could be improved a lot. I have some ideas that would make the step sequencer much more fun to program and might encourage creativity, here are some things I'm thinking about:

The flam button is a bit too basic I think, the biggest problem is that it uses an arbitrary scale from 0 to 127 instead of something like milliseconds. I personally like to use the button as a shortcut instead of having to double the resolution and the amount of steps, and I'm sure some others do as well. If it was possible to adjust the "flam amount" button in milliseconds or sync it to song tempo (1/16, 1/32, 1/32T etc) with an additional button, that would be great.

Another thing I would love is having different types of flam, different flam modes if you will. For example, one mode makes the flam enabled steps trigger the sample three times instead of two (when synced, this would be in triplets), some modes would fade out (the second sample has a lower velocity value than the first, etc). Perhaps these different modes would have their own LED colour in the step sequencer to be able to tell them apart. Each step can have different flam modes, and different channels can have different patterns of course. One can scroll between different flam modes by clicking the LED multiple times. I could go on, this would be damn fun and probably save some sequencer steps.

I wouldn't mind being able to have different resolutions for different steps. It's a bit annoying when I have to double the resolution when all I want is a couple 32nd notes in the end, or when I have to take everything to the main sequencer to insert some triplets. (although this could be solved by the flam things above). This would be global (All samples follow the same pattern).

Another thing that would be cool would be to have, like in Thor's sequencer, step sequencer curves. One for each sample/channel. These curves can be routed to a preset of parameters (pitch, length, tone, start) for the sample that's being edited. Of course, there would be a CV output for each sequencer curve so that the step sequencer can automate virtually anything.

For stuff like drum rolls and long fade-outs it would also be convenient with moar velocity intervals than 3. Perhaps being able to define the velocity with a knob or a fader?

A workflow thing: When using more than 16 steps it would be more convenient to have the second, third and fourth rows of steps below the first row of steps, so one could have a better overview of all the steps, rather than having to use that "Edit steps select" thing.

I know that all of this is solved by editing the patterns as midi in the main sequencer, I personally enjoy working with step sequencers for stuff like drums though, and some things, like working with triplets and 32nd/64th/1024th notes, would be easier and more fun. Also I don't think there would be any bw compability problems

What you guys think of my suggestions

peterholm 2009-08-20 05:46

The extra rows suggestion for patterns longer than 16 - exactly what I was about to write before I checked earlier threads. It would be great to skip the 'edit steps...' switch and see the whole pattern. I would also like to be able to choose the start point when running the pattern so I don't have to play the whole three previous bars to hear my edit of the fourth.

Really a new topic but it would also be helpful to change the representation of the steps when in 3, 6, 12 time. It is confusing to still be presented with four groups of four when that doesn't relate to your time.

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