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2009-07-23 01:57

Do you need the midi controllers suggested in Reason's list?
Hi I have a alesis keyboard not mentioned on Reason's list of compatible controllers. It has midi input and output so is it as easy as buying the midi setup and plugging the midi cables in? Wanna use the demo but never used midi, would like to get into it. Thanks

petegwatson 2009-07-23 23:28


You can use any midi keyboard to record midi data into Reason and play one of the instruments in reason (you can't use to send midi back from Reason to play the sounds on your keyboard).

I started using Reason with an old synth and Maudio usb midi interface... and it worked ok.

However, after using it for a while I updated to a usb midi keyboard as I wanted to use remote slides and knobs on my keyboard (and lots of midi keyboards have templates for this which map to most parameters in Reason).

Once you have installed your midi interface and plug in your keyboard, go to preference page for keyboards and controls and do a manual set up, select other and then use the Find function... press any key on your keyboard and it will be set up.

I hope that helps.

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