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lofi1990 2009-07-23 21:27

software controllers - wave of the future?
i was recently reading about the rumored apple touch screen tablet, and it sparked my curiosity about the lemur jazz mutant again. i did a quick google search and found this:

which led me to this:

now, i'm not so sure if the props will ever get into this business, but it would be fantastic if they even just made a controller specifically for reason/record (and eventually recycle).

i'm just dreaming of the day that i can get a few (multi touch) touch screens and lay them down where a mixer would normally go. even if apple came out with a 9inch touch screen tablet, that would be enough for a fix. the tiny screen on the iphone seems to only be a novelty when it comes to mixing.

Visheshl 2009-09-12 15:58

yup the mecca...
a comp with 3-4 multitouch screens with record+reason,
with all sorts of virtual controllers like the kaoss pad or a virtual drum like roland handsonic etc...load up a redrum patch and play on the screen itself...
maybe build new multitouch instruments.
sigh...i hope all this is possible b4 we leave..

phasys 2009-09-12 16:29

How are you going to twist a knob on a touchscreen?

lofi1990 2009-09-12 18:14


Originally Posted by phasys (Post 654258)
How are you going to twist a knob on a touchscreen?

scroll down a bit and look at "the rotor"

given, its not a "physical" knob, but we've also given up "physical" gear with reason, and other software. the benefits would be that you would have a dynamic user interface. touch a channel strip, the screen changes to those functions. touch a synthesizer, the screen changes to those functions.

i think that the interfaces would have to be changed so that it would use mostly sliders, rather than endless rotor knobs (which are endless so that when the knob changes function it has the correct value).
but with a big enough screen i think that it may be possible to have usable rotors on a touch screen.

besides, nobody ever said you have to get rid of your physical controllers. i mean, i don't see a touch screen ever replacing a keyboard or a drum pad.

Slappy 2009-09-13 04:53

Giant Touchscreen
I've been thinking lately about how cool it would be to have an entire table top (say 2.5' by 5') which is a giant touch screen showing a mixing console (or anything else for that matter - with a virtual keyboard that you can move around...and whatever else you want). Physically it would have slanted edges at the back which would face the person mixing (sort of like the Control 24 for Pro Tools but no hardware switches). It would be fully programmable as well so that a user could design his or her own mixing console exactly the way he or she wants to see it. Someday. Someday.

Visheshl 2009-09-18 19:25

chek this out lofi,
after i posted the 1st post,i thot id make this work...and it does man,u gotta do this

mrbritt 2009-09-20 21:20

Is this possible to have touch screen for it it is this would solve the problem of speed and screen management. Take for instance record allows time management by the (F) buttons but with touch screen as an up-grade it would allow in the mixing phase pure flow of creative thought. Think of the possibilities with record, reason, recycle, etc. I must depart; I need a moment to dream.

erixandberg 2009-09-21 16:50

Well, LCD screens became the norm, so I expect multi-touch will too, eventually.

peterzandqvist 2009-10-19 10:49


Originally Posted by phasys (Post 654258)
How are you going to twist a knob on a touchscreen?

Where's the need to twist a knob? There's other ways that can be much more precise and better.
You can use a fader or a "lemur knob" when it comes to touch screen interfaces.
If you feel like you need to twist a knob you should be in a touch screen discussion or you should combine a touch screen interface with a more hardware midi controller that would fit your needs.
Personally I use the Lemur and think it's great when you are working with bigger values and need to be more precise in percent. But I also use the hardware midi buttons and knobs from my Xone 4D when I feel like it.

Koshdukai 2009-10-19 12:31

multi-touch allows the detection of the tipical movement made by the two fingers "rotating" an imaginary knob.

I haven't seen that gesture programmed on any multi-touch demo, because people are all crazed about moving pictures randomly, tilting, zooming, but as soon as multi-touch monitores become available, I hope music production software companies will introduce that gesture (along others still not available).

My only current issue with the multi-touch technology available for mass-market is the resolution and rate of detection.

As one can see on many Windows 7 multi-touch demos, the touch detection's still not quite up to par to the highly accurate Jeff Han's Perceptive Pixel technology

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