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2600hz 2009-08-05 16:31

Linux edition in near future?
Is there a small possibility of having a Linux version of Reason?
Reason is closed tool for making music (except Rewire) so it would be cool to have Linux version too and don't have to care about compatibility with VST and any other kind of plugin tech. (you can easly drop the rewire support).
I really don't think that it's so difficult to make a linux version when you have already an OSX and Windows versions and the OS's are so different for programmers.
Come on, linux is more and more expanding market, it's looking better every day, it's more stable already, and it's free.
I think more people would have a dedicated Reason computer when don't have to spend a lot for expensive Apple computer's or Microsoft licenses and so on...
I remember the time when all major software company was doing all sort of professional software for Unix computers (remember Photoshop on SGI, AutoCAD on SGI, and so on...).
OSX is allready build on bsd unix variant which is technically not so different than linux, so what's stopping you?

nickmorgan19457 2009-08-05 19:40


Originally Posted by 2600hz (Post 644823) what's stopping you?

I'm going to venture a guess that they're not chomping at the bit for a linux version because 90% of computers running linux are servers and the other 10% make up less than 1% of the total market for computers. I seriously doubt that the cost of porting it would be worth the additional sales.

mcatalao 2009-08-05 21:38

What additional sales???? :/

2600hz 2009-08-05 22:14

Oh, Jesus...
1500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was flat. 27 years ago DOS was invented. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow.
Or better if you are afraid of inevitable future, stay under some rock and believe what Microsoft or Apple says (like Gates "640Kb should be enough for everyone"). The FACT is that linux is making quantum leaps every day, and more and more people is using it in everyday job. Porting an application which is already multiplatform is not so difficult, so don't say it's worthless.
Basicly, if the application is writen multiplatform from the beginning, it's matter of changing 2-3 classes for some new platform. Spending 200-350$ for some Vista is more expensive than 0$ for linux, and for that matter if you save 300$ for OS than you could spend a little more and have Reason. 700$ vs 400$? Yeah, where is the catch?
Please don't say "Linux is too complicated" because today it's more p'n'p than Vista.

PapaPajamma 2009-08-06 04:05

Reason4 works ok using the right version of WINE and ubuntu, just not great latency due to the lack of asio support offered in WINE although there is a WINEasio driiver just didnt work the last time i checked.
It could well work now.

Not much point coding a new version if it will eventualy work with WINE.
The CPU usage was good when I had it running.

Was quite kool using the Ubuntu visuals with reason, you know the stretchy windows thing. the 3D cube workspaces worked a treat, the rack on one workspace and the sequencer on the other.


mcatalao 2009-08-06 11:27

I understand you. I would agree with you, if only linux had a fair share of users in the music realm... Wich it doesn't. Of course you have Ardour and Ubunto Studio and such. But there is not much way to go if the market share is much much below the other systems.

I also have ubunto Studio in my Studio PC, but rarely use it.

Bottom line its a question of market. And there is not much at the time.

Maybe in a couple of years... but...

With the current market situ... What additional sales???

P.S.: This might seem a bit narrow minded but 5 years ago, i only used office. Current document editors in my studio pc's are based on OpenOffice.

phasys 2009-08-06 17:55


Originally Posted by 2600hz (Post 644906)
Oh, Jesus...
1500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was the center of the universe. 500 years ago, everybody knew that the Earth was flat. 27 years ago DOS was invented.

And linux was cool, about 10 years ago.

nickmorgan19457 2009-08-06 18:28


Originally Posted by phasys (Post 645125)
And linux was cool, about 10 years ago.

What's wrong with Linux?

phasys 2009-08-06 18:44


Originally Posted by nickmorgan19457 (Post 645131)
What's wrong with Linux?

It's just not something I would ever use as a desktop operating system. I liked it as a server, 10 years ago. It would run great on minimal hardware and allowed me to set up a mailserver/gateway/sambaserver. Nice stuff. Then Windows 2000 came out and the unstable desktop syndrome was gone. No need anymore for anything else, except Apple people. Then Linux got bloated as hell to the point where it required as much hardware to run on as Windows does, with 400% the hassle.

2600hz 2009-08-06 19:16

Let me ask you one question...
Before Windows 95 what was the number of users using it for audio? Then someone wrote some audio programs, then some more audio programs, and soon we are here where we are. I believe that in some near future will be no OS from Microsoft because it will be obsolete. Remember the best computer at the time for making music? Atari ST... and what happened? Atari become obsolete, bad development, nothing really new, others become better, cheaper, with more options, better looking... Who knows where M$ or Apple be in 10-20 years. Linux on other hand is open source, not closed. The effort to make a native linux application and to be the first professional application for making professional music is priceless. I thing that even the market guys could see the potential of being the first in pro audio. I don't thing that first wheel ever made was build with Ferrari in mind.
Yeah, maybe is better to wait and be surpassed and fade out by others. Ah, consumer people who live in consumer society just see the direct profit. Everything becomes the industry and people are OK with this. The art is lost somewhere in between. Today every brand of cars look the same, and no one cares. Nothing new happens. Why we could have Reason for linux when OSX or M$ version just runs fine. OK, why we are using softsynths anyway when we have all arsenal of analog and digital synths. Why we have Reason when Rebirth was ok too.
Don't ask so much questions, and make the damn linux version and let us all be more happy :)
1) The developers - becasue they did it
2) The market guys - because of limitless ads
3) The owners - becase they will be more rich :)
4) The users - we will have a new option to choose, and maybe save some money, and will not be forced to use commercial OS.

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