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eeprom 2009-08-12 01:19

Variable/Modifiable Preset Vector Tool for Automation
Hey, I'm brand new to the forums but have been using Reason for a long time. First off, let me say, Reason is pretty much the best. Ever. And when Record comes out, I won't even have to bother dealing with another DAW anymore, I am pretty excited to go 'purely Propellerhead'! Anyway, i'll get to the point of my suggestion.

Recently when I was working on a track today, I found myself having to open up past songs to grab the automation nodes for certain automation effects; curves i had meticulously drawn out and tweaked, perfectly crescendo-ing sawtooth patterns, and a host of other creative but tedious automation patterns I've made. I'm sure, fellow Reason users, that you may have found yourself in a similar scenario in the past. This may have been posted before but I'm still sifting through the forums and looking at a lot of great forgive me if I'm not sounding very original.

I propose, to get around that problem, that a new 'vector' tool be added to Reason's toolbox bar. Users would select an automation lane and then could click the tool, and a new dialog box would appear. Inside the dialog box, users could pick the type of curve or automation pattern they want (inverse square, parabola, sine pattern, sawtooth pattern, various other oscillating patterns that would be useful), and then could modify other parameters like duration by clicking and dragging in the automation lane where they wanted the pattern to go and stretching it out. After laying down their preset vector, users could select the vector and click and drag to skew it and push it around and make other creative adjustments. The pen tool in photoshop comes to mind, i think with more advanced automation this tool would be an awesome timesaver and could open up a whole new world of automation creativity.

Users who do not have external hardware that would allow them to have fine control over automation parameters (like a keyboard with knobs all over it or something) could instead just drop in presets and tweak them to their liking without messing around with the pencil tool and get really smooth, accurate, and creative automation. I think would be a valuable addition to an already amazing piece of software!

At the very least it'd be really nice if I could quantize automation nodes...seems like that would be an easy addition as well.

Alright so I'm done imagining, thanks for listening! I hope it's something the geniuses at Propellerhead can implement in the future!


lowlifebware 2009-08-16 00:00

Like the idea but not as a popup box

kress 2009-08-18 11:48

That's so weird, I was just thinking of this. I was thinking it was getting cumbersome to create a whole maelstrom just for one CV curve. And thought it would be great if various vectors/curves (sine, tri, blabla) were available in automation lanes as presets which would generate the points for me (hmm, or have the option to be "fixed," or converted in to points!).

I'd love to designate a bar and "draw" in a certain kind of wave - or possibly draw where I'd want it to fit, and have it procedurally squeeze in to a designated area. Then I could either edit the points to my own satisfaction, or simply leave a clean curve there. No more extra devices!

dioxide 2009-08-18 14:06

I like this idea. I'm still wanting the features of the Matrix and Redrum built into the Sequencer as Pattern lanes. Part of this would need to incorporate curves so data from the Matrix could be copied into the main sequencer.

LFO type curves would be good, with breakpoints to switch from Sine to Saw for instance. Record style clip controls could control frequency, amplitude and offset.

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