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RobertFoster 2009-09-25 16:41

Reason Needs Better Sampler & Update Look.
Only if Reason sampler NN-XT was like this:

Something that we can also actually edit the audio file right within the sampler too.
And also be able to do other things like
Re-Arrange sampled loops in the audio editor.
Non-Destructive re-sampling
Be able to export from the (new NN-XT) as Rex audio files. - basically create REX files right from within the sampler.
Be able to export from the (new NN-XT) as SF2 audio files. - basically create SF2 files right from within the sampler.

Normalize audio file right from the sampler and also gain changes in increments.


Be able to import from any professionally made CD/DVD sound disks,
Such as AKAI, Loopmaster, Big Fish, Best Service, Zero-G, Vengeance, and Ueberschall and many others.
right into the sampler, and the sampler does everything, like keyspanning, aligning audio files properly within the keyboard notes.

Then the user can just export right out of the sampler into a Refill.
The sampler would do all sound sets and do all the work and the only thing the user does is save as Refill.
The user would also be able to save individual sounds as SF2, REX, and Patch.

Mach-5 from Motu did not do so well because it cost 599.00 in stores.
maybe Propellerheads can just buy the whole damn thing from them.
and put it in Reason.............LMAO


davidicus 2009-09-29 00:03

only sampler improvement i keep looking for is the ability to stream instead of hogging all my RAM

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