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benjamin83 2009-09-30 00:01

Installing Reason Drum Kits 2 & Reason Electric Bass Refills
My Copy of Reason and the Rhythm Combo are coming tomorrow (according to UPS) - very excited!

I have a question about the difference between the 16bit and 24bit versions. Now - I am not a pro musician thus was thinking I could get away with installing the 16bit versions. I run a Mac at 2.4GHz machine with 4Gig ram. I intend to run many audio tracks in Record when I get that later this week, too.

I have read a post on this forum complaining about Reason freezing with 24bit refills being used.

Was thinking I could use 16bit refills to sketch out my songs and if I ever wanted to export them as high quality audio tracks could import the 24bit versions? Would this be possible? And which do I install?

petegwatson 2009-09-30 00:34


I have the same set up as you. I originally installed (well you just copy /drag the refill to where ever you want it) the 16 bit version and then decided I want better quality sound so I also added the 24 bit version.

As you suggested above I thought I would use 16bit for working switch over to 24 bit for the finished product. However, I didn't seem to be able to get RDK or REB or Abbey Road to switch between the different samples.... it seemed to me (and I could easily be wrong - and I didn't bother to check) that it was one or the other... So I just went with 24bit.... These samples (particularly abbey road) take longer to load and seem to make a noticeable difference to performance..... As I tend not to use more than 10/12 tracks for any project it doesn't make much difference overall but if you do want to use lots of tracks it could be an issue.

I hope someone else will comment on whether you can have both versions load and switch between the two.

Ps I think the 16bit versions still sound great... it doesn't take that long to copy the files anyway so you should probably just try it out and see how it works for you.

benjamin83 2009-09-30 09:55

it came this morning :) I was gutted I could only take a quick look at the box as I had to go to work :( But I noticed that the Drums refill was all on one disc and the bass refill was 2 DVDs, one of 16bit and one of 24bit. Does this mean that the Bass refills take up roughly twice as much space as RDK?

Looking forward to getting back this evening.

mobster85 2010-04-04 19:48

how do u install the discs to your computer?
i need help in this.

rudiarii 2010-04-04 20:35


Originally Posted by mobster85 (Post 708462)
how do u install the discs to your computer?
i need help in this.

Just drag them to your Reason folder..... I used 24 bit but when I had a few tracks going it did use up CPU so I switched to 16 bit.. I have both installed but it really depends what I'm working on weather I use the 24 or 16 bit refills....

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