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origami 2009-10-04 13:50

Improved browser, drag and drop style
Please, catch up with the browser, the current browser is just annoying and slow to work with, make it more effective, like this:

A drag-and-drop style browser working like the tool window, in that one can still turn knobs and edit in the sequencer while the browser is open. From this window, one can either drag a patch to an existing device, effectively replacing the patch that was there previously, or drag a patch to an empty space, and this way create a new device. The obvious advantage of this type of browser is that one can still edit things in the song while auditioning patches and samples. In very large refills with large amounts of patches, it is very convenient to be able to take a patch, mess a bit around with some parameters, then drag another and repeat the process, rather than having to click the map icon all the time.

Also, one can drag midi, rx2 and audio (record) files to the sequencer. (by the way, since Reason is all clips now, why not allow the user to save clips? The saved clip may or may not contain automation, and it can be used later in other songs or other contexts, without the need for extensive copying, pasting and trimming)

Audio files can be dragged to the samplers as well, it works this way: if you drag a sample to, say, F#4, the root note and lowest note of that sample is automatically set to F#4, and the range of the zone is by default set to only that note. If one wants to, there is an option (either a button on the NN-XT or a square bracket in the browser) to automatically set the root and lowest note with pitch detection. This makes the construction of drum kits and multisampled instruments very very much faster.

With this functionality, it is of course also possible to drag midi and audio files between Reason and other apps (DAWs, browsers, audio file managers, Finder, etc).

psymagic 2009-10-04 14:12

Quess we were both thinking of basically the same...


danreneer 2010-02-07 15:05

Bump for the drag and drop in the patch browser!

1. Drag and drop from the patch browser to the OS. I have my patches all duplicated in catagorized folders-- this would help me get and stay organized with my patches.
2. Browse -> new Favorites list. I was going to say drag and drop but this would not work with modal window focus on the browser.
3. Drag from OS onto device. This would allow multiples as well. Instead of using templates, I could have OS folders with various patch collections-- drag the combination I want into the rns window and go.

I just created a new post about a mini-sequncer (clip looper) that would probably address some of your clip needs. I'm not sure how saving a clip would work though-- other than saving as a pattern in my fancy new mini-sequencer!


BeatmakerEI 2011-01-04 22:39

I'm rehashing this thread to keep Props aware that we have to have this stuff in the next update for Reason and Record. Origami is 100% correct with the ideas he's suggesting. If Props wants to play in the BIG BOYS arena they'll have to incorporate things like this to stay competitive. Drag and drop is a must! For example they need to be as good as or better than Audio Finder, Snapper, Soundminer etc. then they have a great browser.

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