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petegwatson 2009-10-04 16:02

Prog Metal
I have been listening to the new Riverside album (Polish Prog Metal) a lot....This is inspired by them.


I used RDK2 (Nigel A), REB (Fender Precision finger), ID8 Piano and GPO Piano. XSynths (Deep space, Fat Bertha, Arp square), subtractor (Juicer 2) and my Ibanez RG through Guitar Rig 4.

mastertonyd 2009-10-04 19:01

Realy nice work Pete! I could listen to stuff like that all day. Nice production also.

KIBEJA 2009-10-04 19:13

Excellent work Pete! I really have enjoyed listening to this. Your playing and your production are exemplars of what to do. Most enjoyable!!


petegwatson 2009-10-04 20:52

Thank you both for your kind feedback. This was my first production only using record/reason (not using other drum kits).. and I mastered in record too only using logic to bounce to mp3 (well i did use an adaptive limiter too just to bring it as close to 0db as possible).

I am getting more of a feel for using the SSL board and effects. The one thing I can't get exactly as I would like it is the RDK2 drums. I am sure it is possible as I hear really nice production on other peoples tracks (Grumbleweed's latest track had a really clean sound that cuts through the mix).

If anyone has any advice for getting a clean acoustic rock drum sound from RDK2 it would be great to hear from you.


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