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DJVoyetra 2009-10-13 01:47

Features I've suggested to Propellerhead
Hi everyone,

Here are some features I've submitted during the private beta and since buying Record.

1. One of the first things I would like to see added in a future version of Record would be the ability to re-pitch an audio track. The time stretch and compression features in Record are pretty amazing but if you want to add a key change or change the pitch of an audio clip, the only way to do this at the moment would be to buy Recycle, bounce the track out of Record, load up Recycle, change the pitch and then import it back into your Record session, which is not as workflow friendly.

2. Another cool feature would be the ability to slice an audio clip at each waveform transient (or to a beat grid of 16th notes 8th notes and so on) and export it directly to a new Dr.REX device with a MIDI track containing the note data for each slice created. The user would then be free to rearrange the slices (not to mention change the pitch of the whole clip or each slice), thus making audio editing more creative. Again, the only way this is possible at the moment would be to bounce the track out of Record into Recycle, create a slices REX file and then load it into a Dr.REX device within Record. It would be much faster if this were an integral feature and open up many creative options to the musician.

3. Another good feature would be to add an AUDIO tab on the floating Tool Window to allow the user to drag and drop audio directly onto the tracks rather than having to constantly go to the "Import Audio" tab from the file menu. Drag and drop would speed up the workflow and be much simpler. It would also help if Record could detect the tempo of the audio without having to make a new clip at the correct tempo.

4. Dedicated sub mix channel strips in the main mixer would be a nice (but not essential) touch, as it would be simpler than having to set up another mixer in the rack and then route tracks to it and then send the out to a new channel. Dedicated sub mix channels would be much faster and again, keep things simple within Record.

5. A further feature I would like to see in Record is the ability to have MIDI tracks for external instruments. I would love to do is bring in external synthesizers and drum machines into my record session by being able to sequence them and then print the audio to a Record track. This would also make up for the lack of plugin support, which I would not miss quite so much if I could sequence my external equipment.

6. The ability to quantize audio would also be of great benefit. This would really help when trying to record a difficult passage, as the audio clip could be quantized, so reducing the need to re-record the passage again and then comp the best sections together into a new audio clip.

7. And this is a big one, but - a dedicated control surface would really take this software to the next level - as the interactivity it would provide for the user would not only simplify the recording process but make it much more intuitive. Most available controllers would seem to fall a little short of the mark, as they're not truly suited to the task of controlling such a powerful program as Record, though the latest version of Novations Automap software may help much more with regard to controlling Reason and Record.

I know some of these feature may seem a little "DAW" orientated, but not really. They are just features a modern recording program should offer in order to be at the top of the pile when it comes to being quick and intuitive in getting your musical ideas down quickly rather than having to use multiple programs to get the job done. I really love Record and hope that at least some of these features are on the 1.5 or 2.0 revision list. Sorry if this post seems a little long, but I've been a Reason user since 2002 and have been waiting a long time for features like this, as I'm sure many of you have!

Toninho 2009-12-17 16:46

No VST's is fine with me. But I'd like to see more dedicated dynamic processors, since there are so many VST's out there that emulate them. Even thought I'm not an engineer, I do love the sound of a UA1176 or the NEVE1083EQ. Not that we need THOSE units but it would be cool to, along with our super SSL K series, to have some more toys in the future. Even if they were sold as a new format, only for Record. You guys ade this SSL so well, do some more easy-to-use things for us. Because no studio that has a SLL console uses only the console to do the magic. Even though SLL's EQ and DYN ar ethe bomb...

Control surface. One thing I hate about ALL control surfaces out there is that they are supposed to keep our hands from the mouse... Well, u get faders, transport and pan pots... When you want to deal with EQ ou Dynamics you have to select parameters or a plugin with the mouse. Well, If you guys could come with a control surface that would have the same knobs as the channel strip, like 8 faders + master fader...Oh MY SWEET LORD! It would be another revolution!
Even Pro Tools C24 looks like a full blown controller, but still you have to press knobs and menus to access a track's EQ or DYN parameters... What if they were in front of you all the time???
Like a mini SLL-like control surface?

I just think that you guys will come up with some great stuff. Record is just a new thing, apart from every other. Thats why I like it so much. I've been a Pro Tools LE user ever since but I hate beeing limited to 18 tracks of direct recording, not being able to use more than one audio soundcard...

Dogboy1973 2009-12-17 18:42


Originally Posted by DJVoyetra (Post 662754)
5. A further feature I would like to see in Record is the ability to have MIDI tracks for external instruments. I would love to do is bring in external synthesizers and drum machines into my record session by being able to sequence them and then print the audio to a Record track.

You mean MIDI-out so you can control your external gear & then record back into Record? Obviously I'm with you on this one ;)

You have made some really good suggestions there. What your suggesting of Record's audio handling capabilities sounds quite a lot like Melodyne. I think things are generally moving in this way with audio where we have the ability to work with it like we have always done with MIDI data. With Record's time stretching algorhythm already being as good as it is I think the tools to work with this more effectively will almost certainly come in time.

ljekio 2010-04-20 17:06

All of this features (especially 1, 2, 3, 6) is very usable and expected.
Probably I'll add another one - function "edit audio in external editor"

facher83 2010-04-20 17:58

On the MIDI note,

I'm a strong advocate for some sort of super MIDI component that includes MIDI out/external routing, knobs to adjust pitch of the midi notes, knobs for velocity, buttons below the knobs for randomizer functions, knobs to control the range of randomization (for instance, randomizing some note velocities by 5%), delays, etc etc.

All of this, of course, being able to have a midi note lane as its own component - fed into some "super MIDI machine", sending a modified signal out to an external interface, but also routing withing Record/Reason to a couple NN-XT machines, each getting a slightly different midi signal, but from the same source.

Application for me? When I want a full sounding staccato string section, I might use three or four violin instruments, a couple violas, a couple basses, and some mixed sounds, I essentially have one midi note lane, but have 10 instruments/NNXTs hooked up to a combinator to save space - but if I want to make sure entrances don't overlap, or some notes are differing in velocity - I have to make all new note lanes to produce that effect.

Being able to send a MIDI signal to both external and internal components would be just fantastic.

superpatou 2010-04-20 18:38

you guys understand midi out is already implemented to reason since whenever? i plug my very old novation remote 25, then menu, select my brand, model... boom! Sysex out for the reason 4 update for that master keyb.

So the full midi implementation is already inside. They checked out midi clock out and midi note out.
...By design!

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