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2009-10-20 22:54

help with rush tone
new to programming synths and reason and playing piano actually but would love some help/advice with a patch that sounds like moving pictures era rush. if someone has a patch they would like to share that would be awewome too.

Benedict 2009-10-21 06:36

Maybe if you could give us an idea of the sound you would like. Probably not too complex and something similar will exist in a ReFill (perhaps even mine as it covers that era)

Oh, and don't forget to register your copy of Reason as it really opens us up here in the forum.


RockExtension 2009-10-21 15:14

I believe you're looking for Moog sounds. Google "Moog Refill", and that should get you some kind of something.

And don't register your copy of Reason . . . it's a trap!!! You buy one CD for a penny, and then every month like clockwork you get another, only this time . . . full price!!!

2009-10-21 19:43

thank you. what i want are the tones from tom sawyer.

Benedict 2009-10-22 06:18

Oh that is really simple synth sounds well played - oh and a filter sweep that got famous.

Yep Moog type sounds will be a step in the right direction but almost any synth well programmed and played will get you there. If you haven't already looked I bet there are reasonably close sounds in my elektro 3-57 ReFill - I was never a Rush fan so no direct emulations in threre.

Otherwise "Tom Sawyer" is so well liked that there are bound to be lots of attempts to recreate out there in ReFill or Sampleland.


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