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vonaxenbourg 2009-11-03 19:29

Microtonal scales
Reason/Record is fine as it is for straight-ahead electronic and what not, and obviously it does allow for monstrous amounts of experiment, but I come to the product from a more experimental musical world and I find lack of support for microtonal scales a disappointment. A number of programs feature support for Scala, for instance, and I'm thinking that if ZynAddSubFx can do it, so can Reason.

There is also quite the possibility that I simply am too new to the Propellerhead world to know how to do microtonal tunings, so if anyone can enlighten me on this, that would be great, too!

2009-11-06 19:11

No you're right, Reason is behind the others in this regard. I wrote a post here about it recently (see ALTERNATIVE TUNINGS AND TEMPERAMENTS).

Nuffe 2009-11-07 00:42

Of all the suggestions in this forum, this is something that I actually want!

I think it also would appeal to all the people that do "arabic" etc music, and that I think is a large potential market.

2009-11-07 17:05

Also, people can only make use of what possibilities they know about (and made available to them), so many more people will use microtunings when they realise what it has to offer. I just hope Propellerhead acknowledge this suggestion.

I've put details of how the feature should work in ALTERNATIVE TUNINGS AND TEMPERAMENTS in this section.

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