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whyandrewwhy 2009-11-05 06:28

Subtractor/Audio Channel Help! RECORD
I know I'm gonna feel like an idiot when someone explains this to me, but I can't figure it out........ be easy on me.

Using a Line6 UX8 with Channel 1 being my Line in where I record my Bass and Guitar Tracks. Channels 2-8 are set up as Mic inputs for drums. So I have a song nearly done, but I want to put a little synth on it. I just plug in my KeyRig to my Mac, create a channel on Record, create the subtractor, and record what I need.

The subtractor is there in playback on Record, but there is also a blank audio channel above it. When I export the song the Subtractor is not there. How do I get the Subtractor on the audio channel? That is what I'm assuming will fix the problem. When I try to drag the Subtractor part on the audio is red with black bars on it. Anybody help a brother out? Thanks.

selfdude 2009-11-05 06:44

Being easy.....

The subtractor track is midi. It's outputting audio when its played by the sequencer. Midi isn't audio it's just commands.

You don't need any audio track to make the subtractor work and you can export it freely as a loop song or bounce track directly from the midi track of the sequencer.

I would say 99% of the time most users wont use an audio track recording of their subtractor.

But, if you really want to record your subtractor for audio processing open up the subtractors mix rack device and click the rec source box. This will allow you to select the subtractor as an audio input for recording. That way you can record without sequencing or play with nobs without automating.

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