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elektric 2009-11-11 19:08

Prop. Reason, Ubuntu 9.10, wine, wine asio, Maudio USB Drivers..
Hello people on Forum and Technics on Propellerhead, i would like to make an request and is not much, as all persons here in forum know, the Linux time is comming slow but is already there and musicians need an solution keep marvelous Windows or migrate to linux, i need some support from propellerhead and from users and a request also to programmers C++ in Propellerhead, i have windows xp pro (best off microsoft till now after 2000) running my second boot device not testing really boot Ubuntu 9-10 and the softness and accordance with elegance as Mint users say a well done interface for designers, video lovers, image but almost no support for Audio the delivered proposal is try the already done software for audio/linux in the repository.
Iḿ not asking for and complete change and iḿ not an programmer!
Wine is a application to run Windows third programs and games and it works just fine. They have an asio driver, winasio (unfortunnaly not for the real hardware but emulation software) living a big openning in what the software/hardware really can do with proper drivers.
There are some Audio Drivers without much support or with no support at all.
The legacy audio cards pci or onboard have the proper drivers by emulation with no direct x support (they run but with lots of latency).

Wine support software and games: Propellerhead Reason - NOTch
Winasio: Proper Install but not much - notch
Ubuntu 9-10 and Studio: OK - not for Propellerhead users

well alot of fun on doing it if all of this worked and there is also the controllers:

Korg Nanos: Run-drivers: ok (only with linux software, nor usb support)
MAudio Trigger-finger: ok (only with linux software, nor USB support)
MAudio Quattro legacy: ok (no asio or usb support)

Well i don want to live every of the good things i have passed learning about how audio works fine with no latency.
As a request and for the interest of all linux users (Propellerhead reason user, record beta tester), should we do it right requesting an Propellerhead Reason for Linux!!!

I go to request to the other Interprises Korg and M-audio the proper drivers with all of this running, linux was for sure the best for computing Art.

Anyone want to post the experience: Computer for music all intances running and in good wealth. Please post!!

jetpilot00 2009-11-11 20:25

Not sure what you are really asking because of the broken English but make your life much, much, much easier and buy a Windows 7 computer or Mac.

Paparastor 2013-02-24 15:52

Well, yeah, Reason on Linux would be freaking awesome.

Stereoimagery 2013-02-24 19:00

I'd like to see reason on a linux machine.

Not too many people really understand how much more efficient unix operating systems are (mac for example).
I think on ubuntu it would be nice.

I also think most audio programs dont have support on that OS because of the lack of drivers.
theres a lot of work that needs to be done to interest software companies to go that route.
Not to mention it would be kindof novelty since most musicians/producers use windows or mac.
And with linux at the moment, its kindof a 'tech' nerd thing to use.
you'd be required to fiddle around with crap, just to get something working that would only be a few clicks on windows/mac.

Propellerhead reason, is more about the efficiency for musicians and a non frustrating workflow.
I doubt theyd go to linux until it was really secure and easy for average musicians to use.

adfielding 2013-02-24 19:17

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