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2009-11-18 11:10

Remove mouse pointer when adjusting!
If the sequencer window is maximized and I want to increase an event/clip length by ticks... Well, if you've ever tried it you know you won't get very far until the mouse pointer hits the top edge of your screen, and you will have grab the value again.

Of course I can do 1/16 up, then go down with ticks, but if I already know I will have to make the final adjustment in ticks, it's easy to see how this can disrupt the workflow, especially if you do this often.

My suggestions is you remove the mouse pointer when it's pressed over a value in the Pos or Len fields, so as to allow for limitless adjustment both up and down. The pointer provides absolutely no reference in this case anyway. Once you let go of the mouse button, spawn the pointer where you pressed the mouse button in the first place.

Very simple, yet effective!

This could be applied to other areas of Reason as well.

I know you can type a value, but tbh using the mouse if you're already working with is just faster, no doubt.

I don't know much about Reason as I recently got the demo, but hopefully I'm not missing anything vital info here which could potentially make this suggestion seem stupid :p

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