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Koshdukai 2009-12-31 11:16

multi MIDI-IN recording
That's it :)

This isn't a new request/feature sugestion. I made it a few times, embedded in other requests, but since there's even an "official" thread for MIDI-OUT, I thought it was time to bring this subject up again: Multiple MIDI-IN recording, both for Record and Reason.

(you can skip this part if you've better things to do :D)

I don't know how but I ended up owning 4 controller MIDI keyboards (ok, I'm lying... I know perfectly well why: buying newer better, never sell the old and always come up with a good excuse to keep using all)... and I'm tempted to own a 5th, the Akai LPK25 (don't ask).

Anyway... although I enjoy using'em all for different purposes:
  • 2 octave MidAir for Bass lines or while on the sofa with the laptop in my lap (this is why the Akai LPK25 looks interesting)
  • the 5 octave Axiom for piano-style or aftertouch-aware patches
  • the little old 4 octave mini-keyb for Dr.REX control or non-velocity sensitive patches, like Accordion, Clav or Pipe Organ patches!
  • and the cheapo mellow old 4 octave keyb for Strings, Brass/Horns or Synth-like patches
...the problem is that, when actually recording a MIDI track, only the master keyb will do it, so I find myself having to re-play using the Axiom (usually the master keyb) whatever I just created while jamming in real-time and.... that's a bummer.

So, it would be nice to be able to record all of the performance from whatever number of controllers (in this case, keyboards) being used to whatever number of MIDI tracks.

This would be very useful to:
  • capture the performance of multi MIDI instrument players in a band
    (if Record can do it for the acoustic players, why keep the MIDI players out of the fun by restricting it to 1 recording track at a time ?)
  • those wanting to recreate the dual-keyb experience of playing 2 (or 3 if you have a foot MIDI keyb) Hammond-style patches simultaneously
  • those used to play various patches simultaneously Jarre/Vangelis style :D

2010-01-07 13:53

sorry if is that is not a reply, but i'm using reason 4 with an lpk 25 akai, wich is recocgnizewd from Xp like an usb speaker, but reason don't let me select an input like usb speaker, any ideas?

dioxide 2010-01-07 14:08

+1 as it would be very useful.

Koshdukai 2010-01-07 14:22

Have you tried contacting the Akai support ?

That might be a known XP issue and they may have the solution for that.

At least these guys are having the exact same problem with the LPK25:

EDIT: Just downloaded the LPK25 Quickstart Guide PDF and there you can read:

PC Users: To install the Akai Professional LPK25 Editor, open the contents of the disc, double-click Setup.exe, and follow the
on-screen instructions.

So I'm guessing you can't/shouldn't just plug the LPK25 in before installing its drivers

TinyNiceT 2010-02-15 20:58

Yes I need this too!

2010-02-16 22:26

hi can you help me i've got the demo verion of reason an i've just bought a axiom 61 keyboard i can trigger a sound on the keyboard but when i try to record there is no sound coming through the sequencer

Koshdukai 2010-02-17 15:54

This is the Feature Suggestion Forum, so you should be asking these questions at the General Forum where one would expect to see posts asking for this kind of help :)

But, since I'm already off-topic, I can always try to help.

Let's go through the basics:
Have you added your Axiom 61 as a Control Surface in the Preferences, Keyboards and Control Surfaces ? (the Auto-detect Surfaces works with the Axiom)
After adding it, check if it says "This is the master keyboard". You'll need this for recording.
Then, when recording, you should select the focus track by clicking on the track's instrument icon.

If nothing of this helps, please, as I said in the beginning, post a more detailed question on the General Forum

artsandrules 2010-02-19 05:56

I definitely agree this would be highly useful, especially, as you said, in a live band scenario with multiple musicians -- keyboardist, drummer with midi drums, and so forth.

Even solo, I could use the ability to record multiple discrete MIDI tracks, switching from one controller to another. The concept of a "Master Controller" at a time when there are so many speciality controllers is a bit outdated. I have keyboards, iphones, game controllers, and drum pads lying around capable of playing+controlling, but not recording into, Reason.

I would be happy even if the "Master Controller" concept remained as it was, if instead the Advanced MIDI devices (ideally expanded to eight) were able to record all note/controller data on the devices they were assigned to, if their assigned tracks were armed.

The best that can be done for now is Rec Source everything to individual tracks -- of course resulting in audio rather than MIDI -- but at least these tracks can be simultaneously and discreetly recorded.

Ixus 2010-02-19 09:53

Yes, sounds like a really good idea! :)

and by the way, I recently got the LPK25 to use with my lappy, and it works so smooth! just plug it in! and the keys feels a bit like those on a microkorg recommended :D


mokumoku 2010-03-17 18:54

Yes...I totally agree with you...If Record can take multiple audio instruments (they use way more CPU processing power), why can't you record multiple MID tracks at the same time?

This should definitley be allowed in Reason and especially Record.

Come on propellerhead! Get it done!

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