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tiftof 2010-01-13 23:11

What do you think will be in Reason 5?
Since we all have a crazy amount of requests for the next installment of Reason, why not discuss what you expect to be in Reason 5? What would be realistic and typical new features/changes in the 5th installment considering the current marked and where music is heading in general.

I believe they will release a new sampler of some sort. Something highly innovative and in the same league as Thor when it comes to flexibility. It will of course be a fold out style rack device and maybe feature a wave editor (!!!!!).

I also think there will be a polyphonic sequencer of some sort, maybe part of a new instrument especially made for playing chords (so a series of modelled classic keyboards and strings).

What do you expect to be in Reason 5?

lofi1990 2010-01-14 02:03

if i had to guess, i would say that there won't be a reason 5 for a very long time. but recycle may just answer most user's requests. it could offer audio editing, real time audio slicing, pitch editing and a new sampler/drum machine thing (new dr. rex). all this and it would integrate with reason's modular environment, and record's audio environment.
it would be more like reason 6 ;)

dioxide 2010-01-14 03:05

What I think will be in R5:

– New sampler, possibly with timestretch/granular capabilities, embedded samples
– Something with some appeal to the MPC crowd: REX-centric, maybe integrated into the Sampler or maybe a control method that involves pads and repeat function.
– 64bit ReWire: could be a good incentive for some DAW users to upgrade or even switch if the sampler is good enough

What I hope will be in R5:
– Pattern track integration into the sequencer lanes
– Tweaks to Thor FM capabilities that allow better DX emulation
– Pitch shifting device: unless this a Record update as it's an effect?

locohead 2010-01-14 22:46

R5 wishlist:
- MPC-like sampler with pads, multi-track stepsequencer, waveform-display and basic editing features (reverse, invert, set loop-points, use regions) with multiple layers per pad and supporting REX-files, too.
- new modulation effect-modules for chorus/flanger/phaser with several lfo-waveforms
- convolution-reverb
- more oscillator- and filter modules for thor
- possibility to use certain own samples as oscillators (wish...)
- facelifted-3D surface and skins (wish...)

P.S: Record 2.0:
- pitch shifting like melodyne
- basic audio editing functions like reverse
- group channels
- Integration of ReCycle comparable to Slicing in Ableton Live (wish...)

DanaAdalaide 2010-01-15 00:07

I think they will have a drum synth machine.

am27 2010-01-15 10:06

VSL as plug in or samplerinstrument
I would love to see a corporation between the guys from vienna with propellerheads.
The result should be instruments from the vsl-library for reason sampler.
like they did a corporation with line6.

all they have to do is to map the samples into reason nn-xt or as specal plugins.

this would be great and i dont have to work with logic anymore as i prefer the interface from record much more.

Visheshl 2010-01-15 14:22

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ideally version 5 should focus on the live aspect.
it should now move in the direction of ableton
now that its a complete production package,with a proper mastering suite,a worldclass mixing console,synths samplers,sequencer...

now it should have an advance device somewhat similar to ableton's session view.

cv outs for each clip lane so u can route the midi to any device and a matrix like editor(but polyphinc) to edit the selected clip,
and add a set of programmable controls(which control stuff according to the selected track)
now that will mean u can use this one device to control clips and a lot of stuff in record quickly while playing live,

2010-01-15 14:56

Direct implementation of recycle in reason.
A pitch shifting effect.
A spectrum analyzer (finally!)
A new powerful FM synth like FM 8.

marc64 2010-01-15 15:19

A major missing function: Sample editor with all kinds of stuff a really GREAT editor should have including Pitch shift, timestretch, rewerse, and more.

More routing cababilities in Thor, more slots in the programmer, copy pattern to track.
Faster rates on LFO than 1/32.
Down+up on the arpeggiator.
Equalizer with more knobs than Lo shelf, param1, param2 and hi shelf, put in Param3,4,5,6,7,8 or more.

And it would be cool if they remade rebirth so it implements like reason in record if installed.

tiftof 2010-01-15 17:48

I forgot to mention that I think its likely that Reason 5 will get some new mixing tools. A track EQ with flexible filter modes per band has become pretty much a standard in sculpting EQs. You can do a lot with the Vocoder, but it will always have a nasty sound.
They will probably make a module version of the SSL dynamic section, since Reason users are missing out on both a good gate and compressor. They will then probably add more features like auto gain and more envelope parameters.
This would be a genius move that would not take them a lot of time since they already got most of the modelling done.

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