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dioxide 2010-01-21 20:05

How many of you are interested in a Music Review System here, in the Music forum?
Posted on behalf of ecopro.

See below >>>>>

ecopro 2010-01-21 20:56

For those who just got here! I started a song reviewing system here, in the music forum. A lot of you have been a part of it already, but due to certain constraints were not able to continue. I want to continue doing this, and with your help, it's still feasible. David Stuart & others have done such an splendid job with the site, and most of these reviews will be added there as well.

As a continuation of this idea, David, Mark, and I started the Special Reviews. Meaning that we select a song that is special to us in some way and give it a proper review. So this will be the way forward, "Special Reviews Galore". Songs will be selected and featured in Music Nuevo at Ed's Review corner.

Now if you would like to participate, PM David, Mark, Ingo, and myself or reply to this thread!

We won't be able to get to each special song in this forum, due to the infinite amount of talent in here, it's almost impossible to keep up! So if anybody captures something special and would like to bring it forward and review it, then others will jump in as well. So I'd leave it up to you guys, don't want to push or force anyone.

Thanks & cheers!!!

Some guidelines if you're new to Reviewing, otherwise follow what your heart tells you!

Categories based on the structure of a song.

Reviewing System

The song gets reviewed on a 5 category system.



How unique is the track? Are the sounds, effects, instruments, vocals, lyrics being used in clever new or creative ways?
Does it have any distinctive chord progressions, intriguing melodies, technique/or performance?
Does this style expands or adds anything new to its genre? Explain why or why not.

How expressive is the track? Does it move you in any way? emotionally, in mood or thoughts?
Does it keep you interested throughout the whole track?
Does it have smooth transitions, unpredictable progressions/melodies that evoke a certain feeling?

~Production Technique~
How is the quality of the production? Does it sound warm, crisp and clean?
Does it have the right amount of bass, mids, and treble? Is it a muddy mix?
Does it have any clipping or unwanted distortion or phasing/clashing issues?
Were effects like panning, fade ins/outs, transitions, use of stereo image, compression, EQ, reverb, delay, and vocal effects used effectively in the mix?

~Sounds/Samples/Instruments quality~
How good are the sounds chosen? Are they clear, in-tune, and do they match the style of the song?
Are the sounds generic (sounds flat/presets were used) or very distinctive (sounds were tweaked to taste)?
If real instruments are used, how well do they integrate with the style and mix?

~Overall Appeal~
In a combination of all categories above:
How does the song appeal to you as a whole? Does it grab you right away? Does it stand out indefinitely?
Is there any special part that you find very satisfying? such as a bridge, breakdown, drums, change in chord progression, intro, outtro.
What can be improved, to get the song up to professional standards?
Does it have tons of replay value? Does it have potential to be a "Radio" hit, part of a commercial album, or part of a film/multimedia soundtrack?

Things Reviewers should keep in mind

*Be clear.
*Be thorough.
*Comment on all five categories. Tell them what you liked. Tell them what you didn't like. Give thoughtful reasons for each one. Explain what areas could be improved, and, if you can, how to improve them.
*Don't be cruel.
*Do not flame. Do not bash. Use clean language.


~Review # 1~ Done.

~Review # 2~ Done

~Review # 3~ Done W/ 1 Review...waiting on josiah113 for the 2nd.

~Review # 4~ Reviews Done.

~Review # 5~ Reviews Done.

~Review # 6~ Done

~Review # 7~ Just Done!

Reviewer 2: Selfdude
Reviewer 1: Ecopro (Ed)


Special Review No. 1

Artist: SoftEnerji and Kibeja
Song title: Pacific

Reviewer 1: David Stuart (DDstuart)
Reviewer 2: Ed (Ecopro)


Special Review No. 2

Artist:Pete (The Auteurist) & Ed (Ecopro)
Song title: It's All Within Yourself

Reviewer 1: Mark (Softenerji)
Reviewer 2: David Stuart (DDstuart)


Special Review No. 3

Artist:Adam (ag 858) and David Stuart
Song title: High Surf

Reviewer 1: Mark (Softenerji)
Reviewer 2: Ed (Ecopro)

Ixus 2010-01-21 23:02

Sounds like an interesting idea! Voted yes!

JockDynamite 2010-01-21 23:19


Originally Posted by Ixus (Post 689550)
Sounds like an interesting idea! Voted yes!

Yes vote from me too.

lwickham 2010-01-22 00:35

I like the idea of having a review type board for songs posted. It would be nice to have certain elements critiqued, but I think that the actual scoring of the tracks would deter people from posting their tracks if they feel inadequate. The open music forum here allows for anyone to post anything and have no fear of being "graded" on their efforts, but doesn't always allow them to get the reviews or comments they posted for.

ecopro 2010-01-22 01:36


I see what you mean, we'll still have the open music forum of course. I don't want/and don't have the power to change that freedom for anyone to post their music here. I just want this as an additional thing.

The songs will be selected, meaning; we will ask that person first, if it's ok to review his/her song. That person should be aware of what the review entices (Constructive criticism based on the questions, and a fair rating). If the person is ok with it, then one of us will volunteer to review it, and then that person will have his/her turn to review the next song.

At first we'll see how the rating system goes, but if you guys want to suggest a better system, put it together, post it here, and then we'll decide.

Thanks for the input Iwickham!


Jagwah 2010-01-22 02:18

I vote yes, but the system will need a N/A (not available) for certain aspects like vocals when a track does not have vocals. If the idea is to add up the ten questions/reviews, making the score ***/100, then the N/A need to be taken out of the equation so it will be something like **/90 etc, unless the intention was to have the user add up the scores at his discretion. If an overall score is to be posted by the reviewer I think this is important.
Its a great idea to have this system I hope it takes off :)

SoftEnerji 2010-01-22 02:42

I voted yes too but I think it might take a bit a bit of thought to work out the way forward. At the moment not all of the questions seem to suit the point system.

In theory this is a great idea so let's all have a think about it and try and get it working.

ecopro 2010-01-22 03:14

Jagwah & Softenerji,

Yes, the questions are not 100 % compliant with the rating system as of yet. I came up with them in a short period of time, and they do need work.

I wanted to see if you guys were interested 1st. I see that you guys are showing interest, so we can now work on how the questions can be better categorized with the elements of what makes a song, and how they can work with the 1-10 rating system.

We'll have to work out the questions for Intrumentals only and for songs with vocals, like Jag said.

So any ideas you guys have, shoot them this way!

Thanks, I'm actually surprised that some of you guys care!

ecopro 2010-01-22 05:35

Rating System 2
Ok guys! I've spent some time brainstorming and came up with this other system on post # 2.

Check it out and let me know if you like!

I hope this works out some of the flaws that Jagwah, lwickham, and softenerji were talking about.

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