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Tizzybanger 2010-02-10 23:25

NNXT Control Problem
Why Cant I control the bottom part of the NNXT with my MPD32 or any other control surface? I can control everything on the top part but the bottom is off limits do any body no why? The NN19 is very funny with what you can control to. I look at the Mixer, subtractor, and everything else and see that I can control everything I need to control but when it comes down to NNXT Im limited to 7 controls and I find that to be very strang just as strang as NO MIDI OUT :) PLEASE HELP ME??? If this is a repeat thread I am sorry but I search all over for the answer and cant find it. I even called AKIA PRO who states that its on Propellaheads end and not there's. Well the propellahead manual says AKIA worte the file. Im just really confused at why I cant control the second half of the NN-XT. Do I need to or can I rewrite the file my self or am I stuck with JUST PADS and nothing else to use the MPD32 for because I have the AXIOM to with pads :(

Record 1.0
Reason 4.0.1
MPD 32 V1.03
M-Audio Axiom

Everything is USB.

RCX-1030 2010-02-10 23:50

just try remote overide mapping, save the song and ya done. takes awhile but you could always save the song as a template, that way its always there already programmed.
hope ya get it sorted.

Tizzybanger 2010-02-10 23:54

How can I even do that when nothing shows up to overide :) Open up your NNXT and right click any buttom and you will see :)

petegwatson 2010-02-10 23:56


you are not going mad or failing to do something, as far as I am aware that part of the NNXT cannot be remote controlled..... however, I can't tell you why.... so you just need to use the mouse for that.



RCX-1030 2010-02-11 00:09


Originally Posted by Tizzybanger (Post 694117)
How can I even do that when nothing shows up to overide :) Open up your NNXT and right click any buttom and you will see :)

oops..again. my i'm losing it today..stir crazy.
yeah man i'm a donut. just tried and hey whatta know ya right!

Tizzybanger 2010-02-11 00:11

WOW Pete!!! This is the first time I wish I was going MAD :) Reason limits the control on both NN19 and Dr.REX and gives NO controls at all on NNXT. Having controls of the global controls only on NNXT really SUCKS. It has to be a reason for this and the only reason i can think of is to keep the sales of the MPC booming :( I asked the AKIA REP why would Propellahead do this??? It dosnt add up just like the NO MIDI out situation. Something is fishy about this whole thing if you ask me :)

dioxide 2010-02-11 01:01

An alternative to using the NN-XT is to use multiple NN19s keymapped in a Combinator.

It is potentially more flexible in a lot of ways and can be fully automated. Instead of having the global controls that appear at the top of the NN-XT you have the Combinator controls which can be mapped to multiple parameters should you wish.

Tizzybanger 2010-02-11 01:31

That was pretty slick :) But it would still be major mouse work. The NN19 is just as limited with just a few more added controls. I would love control of sample start and sample end. Root key and those other small buttons there. Amp envelope mod envelope and everything else I use all the time :)

lowlifebware 2010-02-11 02:08

You can control the sample start in an NN-XT by setting it up as a velocity controlled device. On the left hand side of the big screen you'll see 2 sections marked Modulation and Velocity, these are the controls for setting this kind of thing up.

1. Select the sample that you want to control.
2. Set the Velocity "S.Start" knob to full sensitivity.
3. Arrange the notes and then in the sequencer edit the velocity level of the notes so that they have that stuttered repeat thing going on, which is I think, what you're trying to achieve.

TIP: Your probably best off doing the velocity editing section after the notes are in.

It's also worth noting that setting it up using a matrix and letting the gate control the velocity can be be pretty cool for a lot of applications, and you can also use Thor as a "thru" device for getting a little bit more control.

Let Me know how you get on with these.

P.s. Why? Ok, load up one of the larger patches in the NN-XT, something velocity layered or crossfaded should suffice. Now with the editor screen open click thru the individual samples and you'll notice that the various parameters have different settings for each sample. So when you talk about controlling a single parameter within the NN-XT, you are talking about doing it Globally on a control that's not designed for doing this, and you then risk losing parameter information stored within these controls. Setting up large sampler patches in the NN-XT can take an hour easily, but considering the spec of the NN-XT that's insanely fast compared to it's hardware equivalents. Thus having full parameter control over all of this could could easily become a downside very soon and lead to people jumping off building and so on.

Do a search in the feature sugestions forum, there's been a whole lot of hot air over this since te NN-XT came out, and a few cool suggestions that, well you never know, might just end up getting in there some time. Peace.

Tizzybanger 2010-02-11 02:16

I see what your saying but how do you map the devices so each one play in a pad or chromatically

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