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electricfusion 2010-02-14 11:53

techno track in progress
just uploaded a new track to my bandcamp site.Called "Trick 17".

This is my experimental track which i dig out from time to time to fool around w/ ceratin techniques.

All in all it´s a pretty rough and edgy ride,which is intended.
It will be alternated from time to time thus stay tuned.

Feel free to comment on it.

As i already stated,it´s work in progress.Probably an endless one. ;)

Click here to listen to it.


Jagwah 2010-02-14 17:30

Amazing up and down sweeps really compliment this, I love the jump at around 1 minute it fit in very well. Bassline goes well at 2.30. Some real good sounds here, great name too. Look forward to following this one

electricfusion 2010-02-14 20:43

thanks jagwah.
i appreciate your comment.

i also like the up and down,i didn´t want to make something "stereotypish".

RCX-1030 2010-02-16 13:30

hi nonsensef
i think this has potential. i love the sounds you have used.
imo; pick bpm up slightly to drive slightly harder and the lower frequency could do with more power and substance maybe? i note its w.i.p so look forward to hearing where it goes.
regards krk user ;)

electricfusion 2010-02-16 16:19

thanks danni,
well you are right about the lower weird as it is,i exported this track in 24bit/48Khz and it lost "power" somehow.the 16bit/48Khz had more drive.
i really can´t avow myself this.
i´ve read several articles about 16bit vs. 24bit and the 24 should sound better.well...
s..t happens.still a steep learning curve. ;)

hey,i listened to your stuff as well,and i like´em.the martyr one is scaaaaary!! damn :)
good work.

have fun


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