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2010-03-05 05:31

REWIRE - need an expert
I'm having a very frustrating experience with REWIRE. I have Pro Tools M-Audio LE 8.0.3cs1 installed and working, and on the same partition I have installed Adobe Audition 3.0.1, also configured and ready to go. They are both set up to input and output using the audio driver from my M-Audio Firewire 410, whhich is the newest driver, version 6.0.1. In fact when I installed this new driver, it even updated the firmware in my "410." My operating system is WINDOWS XP SP 3. 4 gigs of RAM. Intel Core 2 6600. Intel Motherboard.

My goal is to take an existing sound mix in Audition, and REWIRE all 25 tracks into Pro Tools as independent tracks, and then SAVE the Pro Tools session. The idea is to take this new Pro Tools session file to another Audio Post-Production Facility, and have it open as if it were a native mix done in Pro Tools, with all (or most) of the various settings (EQ, etc) preserved on the 25 tracks and ready for tweeking and further mixing work.

HOWEVER, when I run Audition as the Host Application and open the REWIRE control panel in Audition, there are no slave applications listed. No Pro Tools. Alternately, when I run Pro Tools as the Host Application, set up an Aux Track in the Mix Window and then click in the track to drop the list of Plug Ins, Audition is not listed anywhere.

I have tried this two ways: (1) with only the Host Application launched (as you are supposed to), and (2) also with the Slave Application launched beforehand (as the Adobe site says is sometimes necessary). Same result.

As a test, I downloaded the REASON 4 DEMO and installed it into the same partition. And there was no problem at all. As the Host, Pro Tools sees Reason as the Slave Application and REWIRE links them perfectly. Also, Audition as Host similarly sees Reason as the Slave Application and there is no problem REWIRING Reason from within Audition.

Has anyone ever had experience in trying to get REWIRE to work with Pro Tools and Audition, and have a suggestion? My little experiment with Reason ceratinly establishes that both of those Applications seem to be installed correctly, with REWIRE working properly within each --- except when it comes to Pro Tools and Audition connecting via REWIRE.

In the worse case scenario, I suppose, I could buy a working copy of Reason 4 (I hope the $99 version has REWIRE), slave it to Audition and SAVE the 25 individual tracks and settings as a session in Reason. Then I'd slave Reason to Pro Tools and SAVE the tracks in Pro Tools as a Pro Tools session file. But there are 2 reasons that I'd rather not be forced to do it in that way: (1) I worry that introducing a middleman, ie-Reason (and one that needs to convert back and forth from Midi to Audio, which I haven't experimented with --- in my test I did not have a project loaded in either the Host or Reason) might increase the chance of some setting getting lost in the extra step, and (2) I just shelled out $299 for Pro Tools LE and would prefer not to have to spend another $99 when, in theory, REWIRE is supposed work directly between Pro Tools and Audition without intermediate software, (not that I wish to deny Propellerheads the $99).

If the test REWIRING with Reason hadn't worked, then I would have figured that there were selectable options in one or both of Pro Tools and Audition that weren't set up correctly. But under the circumstances, I'm totally at a loss. Has anybody ever had this problem REWIRING Pro Tools LE and AUDITION 3 and come up with a solution?

Thanks. Mark.

lowlifebware 2010-03-05 07:35

""""in theory, REWIRE is supposed work directly between Pro Tools and Audition without intermediate software,"""""

Both Audition and Pro-Tools only function as host applications, you cannot wire one into the other, they never have worked together via ReWire and no-one has ever claimed that they would, or at least no-one who know what they're talking about anyway. Where did you hear this from?


2010-03-05 09:10

The promotion one reads seems to imply to the uninitiated that REWIRE will connect 2 apps that are REWIRE enabled. If I am wrong, so be it. But there is very, very, very little real documentation to explain anything clearly. I'd have expected that if a given piece of software could ONLY be a Host, or ONLY be a Slave, the documentation floating around would make it more clear.

Does this mean that all the applications that are listed on Propellerheads REWIRE page as having REWIRE built in can ONLY be Hosts? Is REASON the ONLY Slave? Or if it varies from application to application, is there a list that spells out which apps can act as Hosts and which can act as Slaves and which can act as both?


BTW - Will my fallback plan work --- to capture all my individual Audition tracks and setting into REASON, save them as a REASON SESSION FILE, and then capture all the tracks and settings back into Pro Tools LE via REASON and save as a Pro Tools session file?

Thanks again for your quick reply? Mark.

rudiarii 2010-03-05 09:13

If it's audio you're trying to export to PT then you may have to export each individual track from Audition and import to PT..... as lowlife says they both rewire but as hosts I believe..... I can't see why you need to buy Reason as you have stated that you just got the demo version to test the rewire functions......

rudiarii 2010-03-05 09:17

I missed your post.... Reason will always be a slave and the same with Record.....generally most DAWs are hosts....which makes Reason a popular slave and a popular program as a stand alone.... I should try your worse case scenario work around.....

ChrisIhao 2010-03-05 09:48

I just want to add some info. Dadibrodo says that most DAW's are host only, which perhaps is correct, but there are quite a few that can function as both hosts and slaves. Reaper and Live are two of them.

Actually, most daws I've tried through the years since Rewire was introduced have had both functions.

sh49004 2010-03-05 14:45

no expert but what about things like midi ox, yoke, and virtual cable....the similar to smart mixing

facher83 2010-03-05 18:15

I'm no ReWire expert... but it might be possible to run Reaper inbetween the two as a rigged resolution?

Reaper is pretty flexible, and if you can get Reaper to load PT and Aud as slaves you might be able to pass audio from one to the other.

rudiarii 2010-03-05 20:55

I really wasn't certain as I have only used Cubase in a Rewire state ... it seems there will be a work around of sorts... more than one way to skin a cat.....:)

lowlifebware 2010-03-06 02:28


Originally Posted by markss9876 (Post 699927)
BTW - Will my fallback plan work --- to capture all my individual Audition tracks and setting into REASON, save them as a REASON SESSION FILE, and then capture all the tracks and settings back into Pro Tools LE via REASON and save as a Pro Tools session file?

Thanks again for your quick reply? Mark.

Okies, I'm gonna give an example of a "typical" ReWire set-up, and it's limitations. I'll then try and give you an idea of what would work best in your situation. It will seem as if I'm going way off topic at first but it will become clearer why soon enough.

This is how I would do it in Cubase, with Record/Reason etc.

First up you open Cubase and there is a panel inside the Cubase device list called Record, which allows you to open input channels for Record to output to. Then once you open Record the tempo/time signature sync together. So the device panel is basically the "public" face of ReWire. What I think is confusing you is that Cubase and Record remain seperate unlike a VST/RTAS plugin, because Record is not a plugin although ReWire allows you a method of wiring it in to a host. So to clarify what this means, let's say you close everything and go watch a movie or whatever then come back to start again. When you open the Cubase file it'll have all the bits you did in Cubase and all your ReWire protocols opened up and ready......BUT.... Record/Reason/or any applicable slave program, will not just open up as if they were saved into the master file, you still need to go in and open the applicable Record file. So the two are still independent of each other, Record is not captured inside Cubase.

How this relates to your own situation is that if you take a ProTools or Audition session file on the road to do stuff elsewhere you will also need the Record/Reason file, and an authorised copy of the software on the computer you are visiting.

Now when it comes to exporting/importing, you have a few different options, depending on what you're actually doing. If you're working solely with audio then there's not much point in getting Reason involved in the middle as you would only be able to store the files inside the NN-XT, but if you're using Record it's a different matter. You could just use Record as the recording device and then ReWire it up to whatever host program, or you could export all the audio files from one app and open them import them into the other.

The big question at this point is, are you just using audio or are there MIDI and automationtracks involved too. If you give a specific answer to this, we can work out what your best strategy is.


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