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ghostriderlx 2010-03-22 02:47

Some disco magic - wip project
Ok I sort of got everything working with my new electronic drum kit , I started this disco song earlier today using both drum machine and my electronic drum kit .
The main beat I used my drum machine and then after I added four more midi tracks using other instrumental sounds I went back in and used my drum kit to add in some 16th notes on the highhat to get the music flowing alittle bit faster adding more of a disco sound to the whole mix .

This is my first starter song using Reason 4 , I still have alot of adjustments to make , drums fills to add in , this will be the basic verse section cut down to 32 measures or close to that then I'll be creating a chorus section to add to what your hearing here now .
I was planning on finishing this instrumental using Project 5 , you might call this song project a MIX BREED SONG PROJECT , using REASON 4 & PROJECT 5 together .

I'm calling this song DISCO MAGIC

ghostriderlx 2010-03-22 05:27


Originally Posted by Groundhog (Post 704365)
You should be posting your music in the appropriate forum, which is the "music" forum.

Yep I already did that thankyou , I also made a mistake when I posted it too . I somehow forgot to delete a unwated track I recorded and after listening to it later I said to myself this sounds bad .
I went back in and realize that unwanted recorded track was still part of the mix , I deleted it so now it sounds the way I wanted it to sound .
No wonder no one is commenting on it , I just updated it with the correct version .

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