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clarktw 2010-03-27 06:41

DJ Tony Moran Dance Remix (not mine, I just wish!) -
Fellow music lovers and Reason users, I've got to share something with you that blows my mind. At the office, I usually have background music playing - either KIBEJA's "Harvest Song" CD or Internet Radio. Today I heard a remix of one of my favorite 90's songs. Now, I like remixes, Adam Fielding's and AvatarOne's works for example, but it seems most remixes are of songs that are already upbeat and the remix adds more energy and dance beat. This song's original, though, is slow tempo and super emotional. But the remix brings an entirely new energy level and even increases the emotional content.

The song is Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On (Theme from Titanic). The remix is the DJ Tony Moran Dance Mix. This video (great job by Hector, the video creator) gives credits to Tony Moran: .

I'd never heard of DJ Tony Moran, so some quick Googling/YouTubing shows him apparently to be foremost in the genre. His treatment of the song is beyond just adding energy and beat. He interprets the emotions, the crescendos, adds vocal backgrounds and flows with "the feeling". He hits 1,480 times on You Tube, and I found this 9:31 video of him in concert: . We don't have this in the USA - one guy with headphones, controllers and great music, filling a concert hall.

So, why am I posting something here that's not my work? Because I'm blown away by it, and because this is a great example of what we can do with Record and Reason. My genres are pop, rock, smooth jazz, contemporary and some trance, but I would love to do this type creation with this type song. I just wish I'd thought about it five years ago. Now that I have, stay tuned for a post from me in the near future.

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