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wilsonjnr 2010-03-28 21:27

New House Track - Don't Let Go
Hey everyone. It's been a while since I've done anything but I've eventually got round to getting a house track together. Hope you like it.

Check it out at

Any Constructive Comments Welcome.

Thanks for your time.


Knickle 2010-03-29 01:16

I like it. I'm reminded of the track Zion by Fluke (cave party scene in Matrix - Reloaded).

wilsonjnr 2010-03-31 16:07

Cheers m8:)

wilsonjnr 2010-04-10 16:33

Thought I'd resubmit this post as this tune didn't get much feedback the first time.
You can hear this and more of my tracks on my brand new myspace page



jfrichards 2010-04-10 17:00

Hey Stephen, I really like the sound of the bass in this piece. I see that you work at sea. That's how I would describe the bass feel: Oceanic. Very interesting contrast between that feeling and the dance party feel of the song. I would like to hear more of your feelings from the ocean in your song(s). In this song, your bass work captures the vastness, depth, beauty, inspiration, and even fear, that is the ocean. Being from southern England myself, I have an affinity for the sea, and love any music that evokes it. Working at sea is filling your inner psyche with all kinds of interesting visions. I'd love to see more of it in the music. Obviously, Reason has a thousand ways to create such feelings. Keep up the good work.

rogerraa 2010-04-11 00:28


Originally Posted by Knickle (Post 706579)
I like it. I'm reminded of the track Zion by Fluke (cave party scene in Matrix - Reloaded).

I heard the same song

Jagwah 2010-04-11 12:51

Hey Wilson,
Got that awesome darkness coming out again!! Like all the glitches going on, real nice I like your work man :)

wilsonjnr 2010-04-12 13:27

Cheers Jagwah,

Played this to a guy on the ship. He said it lacked a bit of soul. A bit too robotic. I don't know. You can't please everybody I suppose. Glad you liked it though. I'll see if I can make some more dark stuff for you. Had a message from jfrichards. He described the bassline line as quite oceanic. He saw that I worked at sea and reckoned he could almost feel the power and fear of the ocean in the bass. I don't know what drugs he's on but I think I wan't some. Cool as fuck.


wilsonjnr 2010-04-12 13:32

Cheers John,

Thanks for the feedback. I enjoyed your comments about how said you could almost feel the energy and fear of the ocean in my Synth-led bassline. Cool as fuck. Had a listen to "They Will Fall Away". Awesome Guitar Riffs applenty. Good work Man.


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