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Reason1O1 2010-04-03 21:32

Time Well Spent: EditEd4TV's NN-XT webcast
I learned more than a handful of tricks spending time with Ed as he went over the third installment of his webcast on the NN-XT device in Reason. Two hours today going through each setting. This was the third session, so that means he spent about 8 hours of his own personal time training folks on the ins and outs of the NN-XT -- and all of this for free!

His teaching style is thoughtful and patient as he went logically through each parameter of the device, even answering the participants' questions. And of course, Ed is one of the most well-versed people when it comes to knowing Reason inside out. I consider these sessions he's providing great learning experiences. This is truly valuable time well spent.

So I urge all of you out there to join him for a session or two the next time he has one posted. You won't be disappointed. You can keep up to date on his next sessions via his Facebook page here:

Or visit his main Reason site here, where you can download some great Reason resources and make a donation too:

Thanks a lot Ed! We appreciate all the time and expertise you've donated to us.

rogerraa 2010-04-03 21:55

so awesome... thanks for pointing this out..

Does anyone know if his recover webcasts were recorded and where to find them?

EditEd4TV 2010-04-04 01:21

Hey rogerraa, I didn't record the ReCover webcast where I was recreating Abba's "Dancing Queen" (I know I know... disco... sigh... but it came out pretty good, it's for a project band). The first webcast on that song was somewhat spontaneous and I had about 2 or 3 people drop in over the course of 2 hours or so as I began the framework for the song. But I had to stop and hit some other projects, came back to it later that night, a few people stopped by, but I finished the remaining 3 or 4 hours on it just yesterday, pretty much done. Anyway, there will be more ReCover webcasts in the future... I'll probably be hitting Eurythmics "Sweet Dreams" next, as that's also for the 80's project band... these two tunes are testbed projects to see if this whole thing will be feasible and I think the answer is a big yes, so... there will be a LOT more ReCovers soon.

rogerraa 2010-04-04 03:01

cool.. I'm really curious to see how you go about doing it, cuz like everyone else, its really pretty impressive.. and i'm sure would be something to learn from

Jagwah 2010-04-04 03:46

These tutorials are a great way for anyone to get very familiar with Reason, if you are a beginner or advanced. See you all there!!

Jagwah 2010-04-05 17:40

You people really need to take notice of this, these tutorials are an invaluable tool

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