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zroyz2000 2010-04-07 02:27

Adding Extra Measures
I have a completed track; Yet I would like to add extra measures to the song to make it longer. In other words shift the whole track down and insert about 8 measures at the beginning without affecting what I have already composed. Does anybody know how I would add extra clips into the track??


particlejunkie 2010-04-07 02:46

If you're using version 4 just select all in the sequencer and move everything right by 8 bars, then draw in the new empty clips you need. Easy peasy.

PapaPajamma 2010-04-07 03:07

You can also set the left and right locators to highlight the first 8 bars and then right click the sequencer window and select the option "insert bars between locators".



particlejunkie 2010-04-07 04:50

Ooh fancy I was doing this the dumb way. I imagine if you do this in the middle of regions it will automatically split the regions? If so this would have eased my song lengthening process by a few clicks on several occasions. Got to read the manual (hint hint OP ;) )

PapaPajamma 2010-04-07 05:21


Originally Posted by particlejunkie (Post 709149)
Got to read the manual (hint hint OP ;) )

Yeah it splits the regions and trust me if there is a dumb way to do something then I'm very familiar with it.

Don't read the manual man its just confusing... well it is to me.



particlejunkie 2010-04-07 06:07

Heheh touche

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