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rolandoarauzhotmailcom 2010-05-02 16:44

How to use vsts and sequence external gear in Record
What you will need
1.MPC or Mv-8000/8800 (external sequencer )
2.Any synth with an audio driver and laptop or just VST Player ( Receptor -Soundslate )

Since it will be a while until a possible midi out feature is updated- try this out!!

1. Set up external sequencer as master wth appropriate midi out settings inside of sequencer
2. In Record set up device ( Akai Mpd 32 is what I use )and make sure midi in is recognized then select device for extrnal control under Advanced Control menu
3. Slave Record by going under options- Sync ( Midi Clock )
3. Open Audio Track with instrument you would like to record ( disable record on track )leave monitor
4. Sequence external gear on your MPC to solve records midi out problem . records seqencer is now synced
5. If you dont own a vst player (reaktor) just open vsts standalone software using your keyboards ASIO driver ( for example if you own a V-synth ) just open the vst and set audio driver as V-synth Asio ( make sure you make appropriate midi settings in software
6. Now you can sequence extenal keyboards and vsts inside of record without having to Rewire-Bounce etc...
7.Make sure you enable record pn track when ready!!

I use this method daily to use all my instrument plugins and extrnall keyboards without having to lose that swing lost from just direct recording! And for those who sold your old MPC on ebay for cheap....Sorry your going to have to wait for Midi Out . Check out a remix I did using this method at ( Dont hesitate to vote..It woud help me out bigtime!! Consider it a thanks:)

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