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kieronb 2010-05-09 17:41

More mods? Song formats? OSX ReBirth?
Hi all, this isn't so much a negative thread, but I was wondering...

At the height of ReBirth's popularity (pre-OSX) I must have had around 20 different mods running, each with their own sample packs, specifically the Dubweiser was a very well built mod, and of course with a little tweaking I remember replacing the drum samples with my own to create custom mods for ReBirth.

Are there any plans to increase the number of available mods for the iPhone app?

Also - are the app song files compatible with the original ReBirth song file format?

And most importantly (to me!), are there any plans to properly integrate ReBirth into a future version of Record, so I can run both on OSX?

At present I have to slave both Record (OSX) and ReBirth (OS9) from a Logic/Cubase timecode in order to sync up sounds from both, which is surely something simple to recode so that ReBirth can be carried through to the latest Propellerheads software.

I remember a conversation I had with James Bernard, where he stated that ReBirth would never see the light of day again, beyond the Museum website, owing to copyright issues with the Roland Corporation, but now we can see the iPhone app (and very good it is too!) perhaps there may be the window of opportunity I and many other people have been waiting for - a fully functional ReBirth console acting as a stand-alone plugin for Record, and one that will work on Mac OSX (I understand that Windows users are catered for with their version of ReBirth and Reason/Record's Rebirth Input Machine).

Anyway - keep up the great work, seeing ReBirth appear on my iPhone was a very nice surprise, so thanks for that guys!


2010-05-09 22:34

I am amazed by this app in my iPod touch!!!

I would really like to know when we'll see more mods and rebirth improvements!!
Keep up the great work and i hope that you have great news for us (users)!

2010-05-13 01:43

I also hope there will more mods made available. This app is great!

phasys 2010-05-13 05:24


Originally Posted by Nerdicus (Post 720655)
I also hope there will more mods made available. This app is great!

As far as I understand it, anyone can make mods for Rebirth.

bobhumid 2011-01-02 16:10

cheers KB,

I have just reissued our PXL9000 Sniper... one of the rarest and most unusual MODs out there. I hope Propellerheads will give us a possibility to import the Mac / PC Mods into the brilliant ReBirth App...

If you are using ReBirth 2.0.1 on PC or Mac here is the place to get the PXL9000



thenoise 2011-02-15 14:24

you can vote for a desktop version of rebirth here

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