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ShelLuser 2010-06-20 01:38

Hardware device: sometimes 2 then 1 connection; why?
Hi gang,

And so after a whole day of reading, patching, playing, patching (or maybe routing is the better word) and reading again there's one thing I can't lay my finger on and I'm curious to the why... I have searched this forum, but I'll be honest; right now its very likely that I missed something. If so I'd appreciate a pointer.

Spider audio, merger/splitter. I'm splitting a signal coming from Thor. When I connect Thor's audio output (1 mono / left) the right channel is automatically connected as well (I'm familiar with this; if you don't want that to happen press shift). Now, when I connect the split output from the spider to another device I get something I don't understand...

When I connect one of the left outputs from the spider (audio) to the input (left naturally) of a COMP 01 device both channels get connected. When I perform the same routine on my 14:2 mixer device same again. But when I make a connection directly to the hardware device only 1 channel gets connected and I need to connect the right channel manually.

Its not the spider causing this. I can reproduce the same behavior with my Thor device.

The reason why this is confusing me is because this doesn't happen with my combi device. For example; when I connect my master combinator (m class) the right channel auto connects after I patched the left channel.

And during the writing of this message I think that I can safely conclude that the only device which does "stereo auto connection" is the combinator but no.. When trying this with an empty combinator I get the same behavior.

So, does anyone have an idea what's going on? I bet I'm overlooking something very obvious, but would really appreciate a hint.

Thanks in advance for any possible tips & tricks!

ShelLuser 2010-06-20 01:52

Ok, so I think I found out what's happening here.. Of course only after writing a question about it but that is fairly usual..

As it turns out this isn't something related to the devices making the connection, but to the channel of the hardware device they're connecting to.

My main output is stereo (1/2, to use the Live way of describing). And when I hookup a connection to the first output the right channel is auto-patched. But... When I try to patch the same device (same output) onto the 2nd channel only the left device is picked up.

I still don't understand why since I'm using Reason in rewire more (and have 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 armed in Live) but this behavior seems consistent. I also have a 7:1 capable USB soundcard, I'll give that a try tomorrow with Reason in stand alone.

As said before, this doesn't bother me at all. I'm simply very curious as to why this might be happening.

But in the mean time one thing has become very clear to me... This is the killer combo (at least to me) a Live Suite turned Reasonable. Some crazy routing (I've done a lot of that) which simply isn't possible in Live can be done in Reason (and don't get me started on Scream4 :D). And some things which Reason doesn't support (yet? who knows) are picked up in Live. I am truly one happy camper.

kloeckno 2010-06-24 05:53

That happens because the other outputs are considered individual mono channels, I believe. The first set of outputs for the Hardware Interface is the only set Reason cosiders to be a stereo pair.

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