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ghostriderlx 2010-07-02 22:58

Help with drum mapping please !
Hey everyone , its been awhile because I have been busy here at home . Last week after I finished my newest song called IN THE COOKER I finally gave up on that Yamaha DD55C tabletop drum kit it was more like a toy to me then a real drum kit so last week I finally decided to buy a real Yamaha electronic drum kit the DTXPLORER .
Not real expensive but one I could afford at this time , next year I buy a more expensive electronic drum set .

Anyway I set it up and ran it into RASON 4 and my REASON DRUM KITS - REASON REFILL COLLECTION addon software I purchased for my copy of REASON 4 .
All six drum and cymbal pads sounded correct with Reason Drum Kits in Reason 4 but heres the deal , two of the drum pads from my new DTXPLORER has no sound when I hit them the snare drum and the kick drum pad so theres no snare drum sound or a kick drum sound only two cymbals and a highhat and three toms thats all I have working and they sound great !

I then tried hooking into my CakeWalk Project 5 and my ADDICTIVE DRUM SOFTWARE for Project 5 and I had the same issue with ADDICTIVE DRUMS .
So I first called support by phone to Yamaha and talked with them , after they checked everything out from their end they said the drum software drum mapping isn't setup correctly .
They told me I need to go to the people who makes Addictive drums and Reason's -Reason Drum Kits and see if they can't help you.

So I did starting with Addictive Drums , they told me they made an update to fix that problem with the DTXPLORER . I installed their update updating my copy of ADDICTIVE DRUMS and now it works perfect.
Heres a sample of my newest song with me playing drums using my new DTXPLORER and ADDICTIVE DRUMS a new song I created last week called IN THE COOKER .
I was hoping to fix it so my new electronic drum set works in REASON 4 too.
I need to see if someone from propellerhead can help me fix it so my DTXPLORER will work with their REASON DRUM KITS software or maybe someone else who might steer me in the right direction.

Thanks , hope everyone enjoys their holiday week-end over the 4th of July !

Benedict 2010-07-03 00:07

You might be better sending this request direct to Props Support as while they are active in these forums 'm sure they don't read everything.


talkindrum 2010-07-05 23:18

Hey ghostrider,
check your post over on the other user will find some answers

phasys 2010-07-05 23:28


Originally Posted by talkindrum (Post 752153)
Hey ghostrider,
check your post over on the other user will find some answers

Oh come on, opening new threads about the same thing in huge blobs of blue text is a lot easier.

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