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Kaiman 2010-07-19 07:58

Drum kits 2 or wait for KONG?
Just wondering what the majority opinion would be on this? I had just about convinced myself to pick up the Drum Kits 2 refill when the whole Reason 5 announcement came out along with the details about KONG Drum Designer!

I'm thinking the refill may still be a good idea but Kong does sound like it could make some pretty good drum sounds, anyone have any thoughts?

ravingmind 2010-07-19 11:02

I would wait for Kong. It's coming soon now.
And, even if the drum sounds available for Kong in reason 5 are not as good as Drum Kits Refill 2, perhaps they will make Drum Kits Refill 2 available for Kong?

Truhse 2010-07-19 11:25

What would be hard, cause the drumkits sometimes use the full range of my 49 key interface. With the drumkits you have panned hats, toms and so on. The 9 pads in Kong can´t do it in that way. So I believe both will have a nice co-existence in the future.

In my opinion the drumkits are woth their price even if you just need all those samples with all those velocitys. So if you like naturla drums, the drumkits are not a bad solution. :) IMHO

origami 2010-07-19 12:30

I don't think Kong can replace the very realistic acoustic drums that RDK2 provides

macdaddy 2010-07-19 13:36

Kong and RDK 2.0 are two different sound sources.

RDK is great for real drums sounds using the NNXT with varying mics and levels you can mix and adjust... just like mic'ing a real drum kit. Beautiful. If you want this sort of sound and control in your songs... I would recommend this without a doubt.

Kong, although you can load real drum samples is so much more.. a sampler, a sample-playback.. a drum synth just like the 808 and 909s back in the day, a drum physical modeling synth where you can create your own drum sounds and tweak forever... and more....

I would have both in my arsenal if you can swing it.

jlgrimes 2010-07-19 17:23

It depends on whether you want realistic drums or electronic/dance sounding drums.

Rdk2 is more suited for realistic drums whereas Kong's standpoint is more electronic drums.

Keep in mind too that Kong only does 16 sounds at a time, wheras the NNXT will give you up to 128 sounds.

I can probably see a Rdk3 though in the future that takes advantage of some of Kongs new effects.

Kong is somewhat a blur between Redrum and a new type of Combinator for drums, with a little bit of Thor in there for synthesis options.

But Kong and Rdk 2 serve two different purposes.

SSGamelord 2010-07-19 18:17

I'm in the exactly same situation as you!
I'm a bit low on money at the moment and can only afford one of them, but I have decided to go with Reason 5 first. That is because in addition to kong (which can make really realistic drums sounds, too), it has an advanced pitch-shifting and correction device, live sampling, a new sequencer and the new Dr. Octorex which is perfect for live use.

I am still gonna buy the RDK2, but I have decided to make Reason 5 (and Record 1.5) first priority. :)


erixandberg 2010-07-19 18:35

I'm gonna wait and see what Kong does for me. If I still need more after that, then I'll look at RDK.

StormCanada 2010-07-19 18:37

I just want to clarify a misunderstanding though.

"Realistic Drum Sounds"

It's a term thrown around way too often, so I'll jump in and clarify between Kong and RDK2.

Each is capable of "Realistic Drum Sounds"...with Kong, you can either craft an individual hit to sound realistic or more of the software variety. With RDK2, you will get more or a realistic sounding 'performance' sound as you can much more easily multi-layer and randomize hits especially when performing on a drum trigger. There is a difference. If you want the snare to sound exactly the same (realistic or techno-crafted) on every snare hit, Kong is as 'realistic' as you want it to be. But when you need a realistic performance as it would be played by a human (never the same way twice) then RDK2 is just capable of much more realism in that regard.

Be careful using a generic term such as "Realistic" when trying to properly communicate an idea. Realistic in regards to the individual hit or Realistic in regards it the whole performance as a human drummer would sound.

[edit]not directed at anyone in particular...I just meant any generic term used to describe real versus computer drums. i see the discussion on too many forums and some newer people end up confused.

LeopoldStotch 2010-07-19 19:15


Originally Posted by Truhse (Post 757979)
What would be hard, cause the drumkits sometimes use the full range of my 49 key interface. With the drumkits you have panned hats, toms and so on. The 9 pads in Kong can´t do it in that way.

16 pads in kong.

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