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stekfdd 2010-07-27 06:20

Record: Audio Input card & Audio Output card settings!!!
We work with Record...
For work with hardware synths we must use ReWire and Sequencers (Ableton Live, Logic,..)

We write sequence for synth in ReWire in sequencer... and record audio in sequencer.. but why only in sequencer and not in Record??? Its ReWire technology...

We can use virtual divers as Soundflower, Soundboot (on Mac, on PC - other drivers names).... with this driver we run at start first Record, second - Sequencer...

In Record we can select ONLY ONE sound card for audio input and output...
In Ableton Live we can select Audio Output card and Audio Input card...

So, we run without Rewire. In Record select this virtual driver, and Record works syncronized with Ableton.. All good. Now in Ableton we write notes in sequencer, midi come to our hardware synths.
From synths sound come in Record. Audio track, created in Record now work fine, you can record audio in in Record in this scheme


WE cant listen any sounds in Record!
We work withot rewire.
We select virtual cable driver...

Record work only with ONE soundcard =( In setings we can select only One card with audio Input and output...

If Propellerhead create new settings for Record, and add option Soundcard for Input, Soundcard for output....

In this scheme We can select for input of Record - one driver (virtual cable as soundflower or other)
and for output on monitors other - driver of sound card..

Please, vote for ADD in RECORD In and Out Soundcards!!!

Its realy help us for work with hardware synths. (In this scheme all melodies for synth we write in Sequencer, midi going to syjtnt, from synth sounds go to Record, Record with Sequencer RUN syncronized, and we can listen and record audio without ReWire

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