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quietloc 2010-08-19 08:56

My Reason 5 upgrade don't work wtf?
8:40 pm Aug. 18th at guitar center in edina, Mn I bought a reason 5 upgrade, I am at my studio now trying to upgrade and I have no links to put in my upgrade ID or verification number. I have Reason 3, reason 4 upgrade & Record for reason owners all registered, so am I missing something I was thinking!

Then I'm reading on here and it says the release date is Aug. 25th so does that mean I have to wait to use this upgrade? Was guitar Center not supposed to sell this upgrade to me ? I have my receipt and all.

rudiarii 2010-08-19 09:06

Some have the boxes in their hands but you can't get it going until the 25th I'm afraid...untill then enjoy the box and all...did you get any stickers?

privteer 2010-08-19 09:10

Didn't you see the dozen topics about that before ? ;)

OF COURSE, if the release date is August 25th... it would be normal that it works before... a release date is hopefully the date when all GC customers can say "we're here before you".

GC may have terms with its distributor or Propellerhead, I don't know and don't care (that's not my business)... but they sold copies before the release date : don't be surprised if it doesn't work please. You were not supposed to have this box in your hands before one more week...

Take some photos, start a big long metaphysical discussion with it or just forget it until 25th... :D

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