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pspiniak 2010-08-20 04:00

feedback on my new song
I would really appreciate feedback on my new song Nighthawks. I like it very much but I want a more unbiased opinion.

Thanks in advance

clarktw 2010-08-20 04:32

Hey! Anyone who still downloads .rps files here to their username name is OK in my book and deserves a listen. I like it! I'm more Contemporary/Pop/Rock genres so I'm not your best reviewer, but it really kicks to be at 120 bpm. I'd call it Funk? Lots of syncopation going on, and it keeps my interest. You're using ReFills that I haven't heard of: Boombox, Lead Maker and Sonic Flavours. The only patch I was missing though when it loaded was for just one NNXT for "Afterglow".

I see you've got quite a selection of .rps files and I'm going to check out some more. Good track!

cdnalsi 2010-08-21 03:55

Yes, Nighthawks. Harmony is really having a hard time getting itself understood in this one.

Check out your Combinator 1 and Subtractor 11. Solo them both. It's like two dogs going for the same bone.

This pretty much reveals the fact that harmony is not your strongest asset. And neither is improvisation from the looks of what Combinator 6 has to say.

Again, I do stress, don't just throw stuff out there. Listen to your work. Please listen to it.

I was planning on listening to some of your other stuff but Nighthawks just put me down. Now I don't feel like it.


selfdude 2010-08-21 14:38

I don't have any of the refills so I cant really load the tracks, too much stuff missing. Do you have streaming versions?

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