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ThReich 2010-08-23 12:51

Record with External Sync from Korg EMX
Hi to the forum,

as the Prop Helpdesk is obviously on vacation (sent a Mail several days ago...), I try to get - hopefully a tip from this forum.
I try to record some synth and my EMX Drum Machine with Record 1 / Reason 4 (would be very nice...).
In order to play along in sync with the parts already existing from Reason, I use EXTERNAL SYNC and it works very nice indeed, the internal parts run in perfect sync with my drum machine (Master) and i.e. arpegiator in my R3 (Midi thru.
Even the signal is arriving nicely in the Audiochannel, which I created for the recording.
However it simply doesn't start to record ... grrrrr!
I certainly activated the red record button in the Audio lane, but it simply doesn't work. The transport functions are (as normal) deactivated due to External Sync set.

My Midi connection is also ok. I can definitely say that, because with Ableton Live I start recording with no problems when I start the Drum Machine (Sync Master)
I assume its really just a (f...) button but I simply can't find anything, also not in the handbook.
Thanks for your professional advice

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