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majorseven 2010-08-29 22:45

Recording Midi Data
An apology if this has been mentioned before: I'm unable to record midi data from an external sequencer (Atari Mega ST4 running Cubase 3.2) into Record; Atari triggers sounds on Record's ID8's, but Record cannot capture any of it (record) for playback. Any solutions in resolving this difficulty welcome, I just want Record to record the midi data it’s seeing. Many thanks in advance.

Benedict 2010-08-30 03:30

I have recorded MIDI from another Seq to Reason several times with no problems. Your MIDI data is arriving because ID8 plays so that should record. You may need to check your track record arming.

A better way is to save a MIDI file on the Atari and to import that to R+R as that way everything is solid and correct.


majorseven 2010-08-30 16:02

Thanks Benedict, for your comment and suggestion!

In sequencer mode if I press an external keyboard key the corresponding track shows its green light response telling me the data arrived - if I then start recording and continue to press external keys, their data is recorded.

Using the same track, if I the play Atari song and start to record nothing is recorded, the track is already armed. The only difference is what is sending the data - keyboard/Atari.

I've also used a roland 505 and the outcome is the same - green light at MIX Channel for ID8 instrument but not at corresponding sequencer track. So having no success here my only option is midfile transfer.

Thanks once again.

jengstrom 2010-08-30 16:09

I guess you might be using the advanced MIDI bus routing on the hardware interface.
The advanced MIDI bus is not recorded, it is just routed straight to the device.

Only the MIDI from control surfaces and keyboards is recorded.

So you could add your Atari input as a generic midi keyboard with controls, that should do it.

Just add it under the "Preferences->Keyboards and Control Surfaces" instead of "Advanced Control" page.

majorseven 2010-08-30 18:43

Jengstrom, many many thanks for taking the time, that's got the two systems participating;

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