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2010-09-01 05:51

Propellerhead Gear in Action (Industrial/Synth/IDM/Noise/Experimental)
I figured there might be some users here who would be interested in a gear website I run, Alternative Electronics. The site focuses on industrial, breakcore, synth, noise and other genres of electronic music. Basically I've listed the music gear used by as many bands from those genres as I could find (nearly 400 bands so far) and put it all in one central place.

I have a page set up for Propellerhead gear and another one for Reason. So just click on either of those links to see a list of professional and semi professional alternative electronic bands and musicians using Propellerhead software (just a few names: KMFDM, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy), Kraftwerk, the list goes on...).

Users can also help expand the gear information listed on my site, so if you know of bands that should be included, please feel free to submit them in the "contribute" section.

Mizio 2010-09-01 08:37

Great! Very cool idea!

Thx..I ll go and have a look.

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