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Punchinello 2010-09-13 17:58

My new track: Punchinello - Cloud (Demo)
hi all! :)

i need some opinions... ive started working on my new track CLOUD.

so far i havent spend much time on mixing, structure, etc but you should be able to "see" where im heading. :)

i hope you have some time to let me know what ya think so far?

kind regards!

particlejunkie 2010-09-13 20:45

I like the direction it's going in. Not that I trust any mixing judgements on these speakers at work, but the beat sounds nice and punchy, and the bass sounds great. I like the arp you start the song with and all the other sounds you're using.

rfitz 2010-09-13 21:06

I like some parts of it, especially the squelchy bass and the orchestral stuff (I know that's most of it!) But i think it needs a change to keep it interesting rather than just building by adding. I'm not to keen on the drum sounds - one in particular sounds too much like a click track to my ears.
Hope that's not too harsh. :)

Punchinello 2010-09-13 21:09

thanks guys! :)

well, the idead was to add more and more. kinda like when you have a conversation with someone you like and its getting better and better,,, but of course i will ad some more stuff. and im not sure about the sounds yet.

honest opinions cant be harsh! :)

stephencolbert5 2010-09-15 04:25

Oddly, I think a high to medium-pitched electric guitar solo would do this piece well, even if it's a fairly slow and simple one.

Whatever note you played at the very beginning (the first of the four chords), I think, would be a better note to finish it on (it's more thematic if the first note in the song and the last note in the song are the same). What I mean is, if you'd like, try putting one more measure with just the first note of the first measure after the current final note and see if you like it. I'd also suggest having this final note be on just one, lone instrument for the final note.
(I only have relative pitch.)

Onto the praise:
I love the mood, the rhythme, and I think the timing of everything is spot on. You've my compliments.

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