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bitleyTM 2010-09-17 02:14

Refill packer ideas
Food for refillpackin' thoughts!

1. Each refill project would be saved as a refill project file. This could make it possible to pack and pack again without re-assigning anything.

2. Sample locations could be changed globally or in several other ways. A folder could be located in the project settings, and a switch could be placed underneath this, saying:

(X) Always look for the project's samples in this folder.

3. Warnings for external refills shouldn't appear as dialog boxes. This should be noted automatically in a set field of the refill pack project. One wouldn't have to click "Start building the ReFill". An optional "check all locations" button could be pressed beforehand, to see everything (ie all the associated files) would be pointed out correctly.

4. "Include samples from external refills". Could be added if handled with care. Remember we are pro refill creators many of us, and we wouldn't steal from others. But we would like to "steal" from ourselves at times. I'd like to add bits and stuff from my previous refills perhaps.

5. Refill master password. This could be used for legally unpacking your own refills. Should be assigned to the very same Reason serial number / or user account.

6. Global categorizations like "organ, piano, drum, string ensemble, polyphonic synth, monophonic synth" etc. This would be added by sound designers in their patches and this would later on be usable in Reason when browsing for sounds.

Browse for guitar sounds - yay! Here's all the 1887 guitar sounds from your 445 ReFills! smack on.

7. Re-categorization options for already built refills. This would allow anyone to re-categorize his or her refills and resave this as a "recategorized refill", perhaps .RCFL - an easy way to make old refills "searchable" since the vendor might be hard to locate. Reason's been out since the year 2000.

This would be made by browsing through all sound names and flagging them with the different available / pre-set categories and then saving this as an updated refill.

8. Gain normalization.

Patches would be run through and volumes would be normalized on all units, including Subtractors. I don't know if it's technically possible but it would sure be a rock solid feature.

On combinators or NNXTs, multiple volumes would be evenly changed, so that layered patches would sound the same in terms of timbre.

9. Patch randomization.

Input folder -> output folder. Selectable number of wanted random patches. Any sound type could be used as source. A drum sample; source for Subtractor patches. Some kind of FFT analyzation of the originating sound would be made and then the program would be able to synthesize this.

This would also be a feature in the units in their normal modes. Allowing Thor to interpret speech synthesis or perform resynthesis and many other ultra cool tricks.

10. "Build smaller refill" functionality where a selectable or randomized portion of the refill material would be scaled down into a freely available file size. It would be dead simple to create smaller demo or free refills out of bigger ones.

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