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Kronsteen 2010-09-18 12:12

Live Sampling Tip
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One of the limitations of live sampling in Reason is you can edit samples to transients, but not to beats. That means you can record a snippet of vocal, guitar or whatever, but it's difficult to place it correctly on the timeline as a triggered sample.

This is of the reasons we get Record, after all. But what if you could put transients in every beat, but not hear them? There is a sort-of workaround.

In the attached graphic, I've got Redrum playing a metronome (a 0.005 second click) into the right hand side of the live sampling input, and the soundcard's audio-in going into the left, plus the right side of the redrum's output going to the right 'To Audio Input' socket.

I set the redrum going, playing one click every bar through one side of my headphones, and when I'm ready, click an available sample button.

The resulting sample has the metronome on the right, and my input on the left. The transient detector in the sample editor recognises the transients of both channels, but I can use it to edit down the sample by beats.

When triggering, you'll have to wire only the left channel from your sample player - and of course it's only a mono signal.

You don't have to just use a metronome - you could have redrum playing a simple beat and a synth giving notes or chords to harmoise to if you're singing.

It would be a real pain to record an entire song like this, but for vocal ad-libs, guitar riffs and snatches of music, you can use it.

Kronsteen 2010-09-18 13:07

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A probably better way:

* Left From Audio Input to left 'Sampling Input'
* One of the two Send Outs to right 'Sampling Input'
* Redrum Stereo Out to left and Right To Audio Input'

Less earache from a hardpanned metronome.

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