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SoulElemental 2010-09-21 02:24

Synth choice
Im looking to pick up a hardware synth. One reason is that a friend of mine has Record but he's a control freak, so sitting in front of his computer is a no no.............(he's a rahtard). So thats one more thing to Record, I can model a sound while he sets up and so on............
Not sure how many R+R users have HW synths but, my price range is 3-$500. I'm kinda eyeballin the alesis Micron...........and sorta confused why guitar center is charging $50.00 more for the red than the blue but whatever.............What do u use??.

Torreason 2010-09-21 05:16

I use many

- Roland Fantom X6, Roland Jx-3p , Roland Jx-8p, Yamaha DX7, Casio Cz 101, MicroKorg, Korg Monotron, Korg poly 800, Siel px jr

i decided to start collecting them a while ago and a lot of them i got from criagslist for cheap, that's a good route to take if you want a nice vintage analog synth, there are some real finds out there

that being said if you want something new i highly recommend the Korg, microkorg its small, tweak-able, and packed with features vocoder, arpeggiator. the micron does sound very nice but for around the same price you get way more with the microkorg

EpicDesign 2010-09-21 06:55

Roland Alpha Juno-2 FTW!

Or a Roland JD-990.

Might be hard to find either one of those, but they'll be used no matter what, and you WON'T be sorry with either :)

SoulElemental 2010-10-14 04:47

Hey thanks u guys! I really appreciate the feedback!!!

teknotokon 2010-10-14 05:01

I have a Korg microkorg and Alesis Ion. They both are Analog Modeling synths (so is the micron). What type of sounds do you intend to create? If its Phat analog or typical Trance/Ebm/Electro Etc.. sounds then grab the microkorg or the micron.

TotalKiosk 2010-10-14 12:54

The Micron looks sweet but with so few knobs I wonder if it's easy to dive into the menu and change the sound. Sometimes it's nice to have a lot parameters there for you on a synth like a dedicated knob for the lfo speed and such. I bought a second hand Korgs MS 2000 for about 300 euro and it's got around 80 knobs which is ideal for a tweakhead like me.

I think it's important to try out different synths and inform yourself very well about what they can and can't do, how they sound, etc.

I had the chance to play on a Roland SH 201 and I was pretty impressed with it. It's got a deep and lush sound, it's very affordable, and it looks a bit like a Subtractor. You should definitely check it out also :-)

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